How to Create a ‘Buy One, Get One’ on Your WooCommerce Site

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A buy one, get one setup. Sounds easy to do, right?

Offering the Buy One, Get One Deal on Your WooCommerce Online Store

I wrote a post on the WooCommerce Advanced Coupons plugin, and this is only one of the great features that it has to help you take your store’s coupons to the next level.

The BOGO Settings

First, you have the global settings. These focus more on the look and feel of the buttons and the message to customers when they don’t have the correct products in their cart to get the deal.

settings BOGO deals

Creating the BOGO Coupon

This plugin adds several of the features, including the BOGO feature in your native WooCommerce coupon settings. As you will see, it gives you Trigger and Apply Types that allow you several combinations. These are:

Specific Product – if you want to use just one product or variable product, this is your route to go.

Combination of Products – gives you a bit more flexibility with any number of products or variable products.

Product Categories – the use of categories is advantageous when you can choose a range of product defined by a category for the deals.

You also have the option to let the customer use the coupon once or several times, whenever the condition is met.

Examples of a Buy One, Get One Deal

Here are just three of the ways you could use this coupon

1. Buy Two Specific Products, Get an Additional Third Product for Free

In this example, we are giving customers a mic shock mount free if they buy the Rode Procaster and Arm. I gave them a 100% discount here, but could have given them a partial discount instead.

After I have added the two items in my cart, I am ready to apply the coupon code.

After applying the coupon code, the other item is automatically added to my cart without a charge.

2. Discount on Accessories When a Specific Item is Bought

Now in this example, if someone adds the Rode Procaster to their cart and applies the coupon, they can get either or both of the accessories for 50% off. You will see that I also have set the message in the Additional Settings.

Now if I were to add the mic to the cart and apply the coupon, you will see that there is a message that tells me I can get this deal and how.

I added the link to this product category where the deals are. When clicked on, an extra button appears that says Add to get deal.

If I add the boom arm and view the cart, I see it has been added at 50% off the normal price.

3. Give a Free Gift That is Automatically Added to the Cart

There may be times you want to offer a specific, free gift to certain customers by sending them a coupon code. What you want to do is have them add a product to their cart, apply the coupon code and the free gift is automatically added without them having to search for it and do it themselves.

To do this, we need to use an additional feature that comes with this plugin called Cart Conditions.

We are going to give them the shock mount free with the purchase of the Procaster and it will automatically be added to their cart.

First, I create a Cart Condition. I choose the Procaster and give it the condition on any quantity greater than zero.

Then, in the BOGO deals tab, my trigger type is a specific product and my apply type is a specific product with a 100% discount.

Now, if I go to my site and add the Procaster mic, you will see that there is nothing else in the cart.

But if I add the coupon, click Apply coupon, the free gift is added at no charge.

With the BOGO deal option, the sky is the limit.

You can see our full post here on the WooCommerce Advanced Coupons or buy the plugin here.

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