How to Add Wishlists to a WooCommerce Online Store

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You’ve seen them. Wishlists. They come in handy, whether it’s something for sharing with others, or stuff you are personally interested in purchasing down the road.

As for me, I know that Amazon has gotten more sales from me because I have this nice little list I can come back to with the products I want to buy in the near future.

Adding Wishlists to a WooCommerce Site

First you will need to get yourself the Wishlists for WooCommerce plugin. Once you have purchased, installed and activated it, you will want to create a wishlist page using a shortcode:

create page for wishlists

Then you will go into your Wishlist setting and choose the page you have created:

choose wishlist page

Add Wishlists to Menu

Once we have the page created, we will want to add it to our menu or menus as appropriate:

added to menu

Customize the Wishlist Button

Here you get to choose if and where the button will show up on both the shop and the single product page, as well as a few style options:

customize button

Creating a Wishlist

If we look at a product, based on the button and design placement above, we will find the button here.

wishlist button on product page

If I click on it, a popup opens with the option to either choose an existing wishlist, which I have two of already, or create a new one. I am adding this one to the list Tech Stuff I Need.

add item to wishlist

And once I add it, I get a confirmation.

confirmation of addition to wishlist

Wishlist Page

If I click on the link to our wishlists that was created earlier in the menu, I get my own wishlist page:

wishlist page

I can create a wishlist and edit or delete one. By editing, I can change it from public to private, or visa versa, and rename it.

edit wishlist

If I click on the wishlist name itself, I am taken to the page with the items I have added. I can also edit or delete the list, as well as delete products or add them to the cart.

items in the wishlist

If want to change this list to public, I can add my name and email.

public list options

My name is now in the menu below the title and I have the option to share my list.

public list

And by clicking on the share button I have these options:

share public list

Lastly, as an admin, you can find all the wishlists that are on your WooCommerce store and can manage them by deletion, renaming, switch users, etc.

admin wishlist management

If you are looking for a way to let customers add products to an unlimited number of wishlists they have created, and at the same time increase your sales and conversions, check out the Wishlists for WooCommerce plugin here.

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