How to Add Gift Cards to a WooCommerce Store

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Clients are always looking for ways to increase their sales, and recommending gift cards as a builder will help you deliver.

Offering Gift Cards to on a WooCommerce Shop

The Gift Cards extension, as with many that I share, does one thing and does it well. Although they are limited to digital gift cards as opposed to physical, it is still a great option, something that many people perfer.

Creating Your Gift Card

Like any product in WooCommerce, you will add a new product and choose either a simple or variable product and toggle the gift card on.

You will be able to add the days until expiration in your general settings tab.

Other than that, you will create the product as you would any other product. Just know that the image you choose will be included on the email sent to the person who purchased it. If for any reason you want to offer multiple gift cards, say with different designs for special occasions, then you would create a variable product and add that image to the different variations.

creating gift card

The Gift Card Product Page

Once you have the gift card set up, this is what the customer will see. They can enter the email of who to send it to and who it is from, add a custom message and choose a delivery date to for it to be sent to the recipient.

purchasing a gift card

You will see this information on the cart as well as at checkout.

gift card in cart and checkout

Managing the Gift Cards

You can edit some of the information on the gift card product page. They will appear on this page once you have started receiving orders. This is where you can manage all gift cards that have been purchased and see the balances, code and other information.

manage gift cards

If you click on the Code, you can edit certain fields of the gift card if you need to. Also, you can send the recipient notification, enable or disable the gift card and redeem the gift code for a customer to add it to their account.

And this is what was emailed to the recipient.

email to recipient

Redeeming the Gift Card

The customer can redeem the gift card in a couple of ways. They can use the code at the cart or checkout or, as I showed you before, redeem it if it was added to their account.

Here you can see the option on both the cart and checkout.

use a gift card at checkout or in your cart

If it was redeemed to a customer’s account, they can find the details there. Also, they can redeem their gift card in their account.

If the customer were to add something to their cart, they get to use the balance of their gift card towards purchase.

redeem gift card on purchase

And if that purchase was below the balance of their account, at checkout they would not be asked for payment information.

purchase at checkout when redeemed

Lastly, if the customer revisits their account, they see the remaining balance.

gift card balance in account

Adding gift cards to your a WooCommerce store is an excellent way to help your clients increase their bottom line.

You can check out the Gift Cards extension here.

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