How to Add Custom Text Before and After the Price on Product Pages in WooCommerce

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As a builder, you often will do this via code. But other times, it’s better to use a plugin and it may make your clients life much easier down the road. If they want to remove it later, well, much easier deactivating a plugin.

This is the case with adding text before and after the price of a product. It could be something you want to do long-term, but more likely it’s short-term. In any case, you want to make the changes quickly and easily.

The Product Price Before and After Text Extension

Once installed and activated, you have two very simple fields that you’ll find in your product data under the inventory tab. The Before Price Text and the After Price Text.

settings for text before and after price

That’s it. From here on in, it’s up to you and how you want to use it. Since you can use one or the other, or both, here are three examples.


You get the idea. As long as what you add is eye-catching and informative— and not distracting— there are no limits on how you can use the Product Price Before and After Text extension.

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