How to Generate Purchase Orders on WooCommerce

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If your clients have customers who pay through a purchase order on your WooCommerce store, there is no option available to make it easy for them to order online.

But with the WooCommerce Purchase Order Gateway extension, you can easily add a field to your checkout screen for those who need to use purchase orders.

Send Purchase Orders on Your WooCommerce Store Purchases

To start out, toggle the Purchase Order gateway on:

toggle gateway on

Now you can fill in the labels for the fields title, description and thank you note.

settings for purchase order gateway

When a customer is at checkout, they have the option to choose Purchase Order as their payment and will have a field to insert their PO Number.

On the order details, the purchase order number is noted.

order details

In the order details in the dashboard you will also see the purchase order number and can put the order on hold.

order details

They will get this email that will include the purchase order number on it.

It’s a very simple extension that solves having to deal with additional hassles when it comes to purchase orders on a WooCommerce site. You can check out the WooCommerce Purchase Order Gateway extension here.

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