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Growmatik, a Cross-Channel Automation Tool for WooCommerce

Growmatik, a Cross-Channel Automation Tool for WooCommerce

Growmatik was recently released and is a cross-channel marketing automation tool for WooCommerce that utilizes user types, attributes and behavior to personalize your message across 3 touchpoints (website content, email and popup). 

With Growmatik you can segment users based on more than 50 different attributes and create automation to personalize your website content, send personalized emails and display personalized popups for each segment from within a single dashboard.

“What’s new about Growmatik is that it unifies all the tools you need to deliver your message across three channels without the need to use different tools for email marketing, lead generation/popup and web page personalization,”

Rouzbeh Firoozmand, CEO of Artbees

Growmatik operates as a SaaS service for WordPress platform with other website building platforms in its integration list. It is a bootstrapped project by Artbees GmbH, a Hamburg-based company.

You can learn more about Growmatik here.

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