Give Your Clients Extra Email Powers in WooCommerce

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There are so many variable and options around sending emails to customers with WooCommerce. Here on Do the Woo we have talked on the podcast about segmentation and email marketing, cart abandonment and marketing funnels.

When it comes to solutions of course it can be overwhelming. There are third-party email services like Klaviyo, Recapture and ConvertKit, all with their own superpowers. I cannot offer you advice on the dozens that are out there. But I can share with you a few posts we have here on extensions that service unique situations and may be perfect for your clients websites.

How to Send Custom Email and Slack Notices Based on Events and Conditions

Having the ability to send out custom email and Slack notices from a WooCommerce store to a team or key employees can improve the ease and efficiency of running the online store. Basically it’s an email that goes out to someone on staff about specific orders and the status of those orders. There are so many ways you can use this that the sky is the limit. And it isn’t just emails. If your team is on Slack, you can fine tune it even more.

Email Customized Follow-ups to Donors

When it comes to nonprofits, fundraising is critical. And a follow-up with donations is an important piece in the puzzle. Whether it’s as simple as a personalized thank you, a free gift for donating or a redirect that tells them a special story about what their donation will do, they likely want this automated rather than using a staff member’s precious time to manually follow up.If you are building a nonprofit site using WooCommerce, take advantage of extending the fundraising piece.

Let Customers Know of Price Drops

There are a couple of advantages to alerting customers on a product price drop. For those who visit the store, it builds trust simply because they are giving them an opportunity to save money. The other not-so-obvious benefit is using this to find that sweet spot for a price of a new product or one that isn’t selling. If you have flexibility in determining your prices, this is the perfect testing tool.

Send Customers an Auto-Reminder Email for Cancelled or Pending Orders

If your clients have wanted to send out automatic emails to customers who either cancelled their orders or they are still in pending waiting for final payment, here is an extension that makes it easy. In addition, it comes with an auto-reminder email that can be used to encourage product reviews and can easily be changed by your clients.

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