How to Give Store Credits to Customers on a WooCommerce Site

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There are certain times when giving a customer a store credit is the perfect solution for a clients site you are working on. In fact, if they have a store with a diverse inventory, there are times when they could hold onto your sale by offering a store credit vs. a refund. Or, maybe it’s for another reason, like a customer’s bad experience might be best smoothed over by giving them a bonus store credit.

The ideal store credit will give the customer  specific amount and if the purchase something below that amount, the remainder is available to apply to for a future purchase. For example, you give them a $100 credit, they spend $60, that remaining $40 is there until it expires or is totally used up.

Also, if customers choose to purchase something that is more than the store credit that they have left, they will be able to easily take care of the difference at checkout.

But however someone uses store credits with their customers, it shoiuld be able to be done easily.

WooCommerce Store Credits

Once the WooCommerce Store Credits extension is activated, you will want to make sure you have coupon codes enabled under your WooCommerce > General > Settings.

Creating the store credit using this extension is similar to creating a coupon in WooCommerce. You will simply go to WooCommerce > Coupons > Add Coupon and select Store Credit as the Discount type.

Selecting it will give you the exact same options as if you are creating a regular coupon. Only in this tab you will add the credit amount. And as you would with a coupon, you have the normal usage restrictions and limits.

Here is have named it simply, BobWP Credit and set it for the amount of $100.

Sending a Store Credit to a Customer

Sending a customer a store credit is easy. You will find under the WooCommerce menu a Send Store Credit, where you will put in an email and the credit amount. Once you click the Generate coupon and email customer,  it will be assigned to that customer only.

The customer will get an email that has the store credit with generated coupon code.

If the customer need to retrieve the coupon code and has lost their email, the code can be found in their account page.

Now the customer just has to use the code as they would any other coupon code when they make a purchase on your store.

That’s it. Instead of struggling to find a workaround in your default coupon settings, make life a bit easier for yourself and get the WooCommerce Store Credits extension.

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