Four eCommerce Tips to Help Increase a WooCommerce Store Sales

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Online authenticity, video, customer service on Twitter and email subscription giveaways. The four tips were extracted from four of my old podcast episodes via the WP eCommerce Show. But the topics are evergreen and the experts who share their advice is priceless: Chris Brogan, Chris Johnson, Gini Dietrich and Pat Flynn.

1. Online Authenticity

Beyond optimization and all the other technical stuff that needs to happen to make the world better for e-commerce, we need, obviously, to build trust with our customers. How do we do that? You should have an about page.

You should have human heads on that about page, real people who are responsible for the business. There should always be some way to drop a human email somewhere, because that’s where you will beat someone like an Amazon. You can’t compete with their gazillion employees and huge customer service system. So go the opposite route and say something like, “If you have a problem with any of our projects or any of the things we’re selling, just hit reply and I’ll get back to you. ~ Chris Brogran

2. Selling Products with Video

You’re solving a problem perfectly for one person.  And, if somebody has had that problem and they’ve maybe solved it a different way, they would realized, “Oh, these guys are really smart, and I should talk to them because maybe, if they solved this problem, maybe I could influence them to solve this other problem for me.”  It’s better to do it that way.

Engineers always want a feature dump and video is not about features, it’s not about a list, it’s not about bullet points, it’s about conveying emotion. Software, specifically, is about conveying relief. “Thank God, you’re here,” is the feeling you want after someone has watched one of your software videos. ~ Chris Johnson

3. Customer Service Rants on Twitter

What we like to see is that retails who respond immediately, and that’s within the first 24 hours. Even sooner if you can, because typically people are having a challenge or an issue that they’re not able to solve anywhere else. Usually, when they go to Twitter it’s the last resort, because most people don’t want to be seen as a complainer.

Trolls are a completely different subject, but typically, people have taken to Twitter because they’ve tried Customer Service, they’ve tried an email, they’ve tried all these other avenues, and they’ve not been able to get their problem solved. You should respond fairly quickly. If you can do it in less than 24 hours, even better. People just want their issue solved. They’re not usually doing it to get something free, or be a troll, or anything like that. ~ Gini Dietrich

4. Email Subscription Giveaways

Traditionally, people would create these really long e-books, 30-40-page e-books and say, hey I have this free thing to download now. Not only are you giving people more and more e-mails when they subscribe but you’re giving people 40 pages to read? Again, who wants to do that? Nobody nowadays has that much time, right? So offer a one to three-page PDF of the top whatever: the top five tools that people in the space are using to accomplish whatever goal they want to accomplish.

If you’re a photographer, for example, here are the top five lenses I use in my toolkit. How would you not want to download that if you’re a beginning photographer, right? So things like that incentivize people with high value and a quick, small win. It’s this idea of offering something quickly to people where they get an immediate result. They are so grateful that they’ve gotten access to that content so quickly that they can’t help but want to get more from you later. And then later, you can ask for the bigger things, for the bigger transactions. ~ Pat Flynn

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