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FooEvents Surpasses 1 Million Check-ins

FooEvents Surpasses 1 Million Check-ins
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FooEvents recently revamped their Check-in apps and at the same time surpassed 1 million attendee check-ins since their release.

FooEvents is an event and ticketing functionality built specifically for WooCommerce. Unlike platforms out there, they allow you to sell tickets without any commissions or fees. With the onslaught of virtual events in place, they obviously haven’t lost any groundwork due to the lack of in-person events during these challenging times.

I asked Robin Pietersen, Co-Founder of FooEvents what advice he would give other Woo builders to reach their own milestones.

“Listen to your customers, they know your product better than you do. WooCommerce plugins are by nature business solutions that generate measurable ROI for your customers. They most likely use it day in and day out to help run their businesses and as such, they have an intimate understanding of its inner workings and are deeply invested in your products growth and success. Developing a meaningful and responsive relationship with your customers will help ensure that each new feature, update, and product offering is validated prior to development and is met with purpose and enthusiasm.

Robin Pietersen, Co-Founder of FooEvents

You can read more about this milestone and the revamp here on their blog.

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