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FooEvents Booking Released

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FooEvents Booking Released

FooEvents, a popular event-based plugin for WooCommerce, has added booking capabilities.

Listening to Your Customers

In the last two years the ability to create bookable products was a top featured request from their customers. This included setting up well-defined recurring events, venue access and date and time services.

The goal for FooEvents was to create a unique product that work seamlessly with FooEvents and WooCommerce while providing granular control over complicated booking arrangements.

FooEvents Bookings allows you to create bookable events, activities, venues and services.

An example of these services include:

  • Yoga classes
  • Bus tours
  • Outdoor adventures
  • Museums
  • Hair salons and chiropractors
  • Waterparks
  • Shows
  • Training workshops
  • Theme parks
  • Art classes and music lessons
  • Consultation and coaching services

I asked Robin Pietersen from FooEvents what inspired them to create the booking extension.

Last year was a pretty challenging year for our customers. They were faced with a lot of hurdles to overcome, and as a events technology partner, our jobs to help them find solutions to those problems and this latest update is exactly that. It’s removed a lot of the administration, a lot of the pain and frustration that our customers experience in managing a large number of Zoom meetings on a daily basis and FooEvents essentially just takes care of it. It’ll automatically generate the meetings for your bookings, update them if needed. If there are changes, notifies the attendees, it registers them, and it takes away a lot of the pains that people experience when offering classes or private consultations online.

Moving forward, it opens us to a large number of use cases, which is fantastic. And it’s just part of the process of adding value to our customers. So we’re excited to see how they use it and what doors this opens in the future.

Rundown of the Features

The bookings extension includes:

  • Drag and drop slot builder
  • Multiple display modes
  • Manage bookings through the FooEvents Check-ins app
  • Improved ticket details screen
  • Improved ‘Add New Ticket’ screen
  • Display attendee details on orders
  • Event and ticket expiration
  • Improved FooEvents Check-ins language support

You can learn more about the release over on

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