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First WooCommerce Builder Community Event Scheduled

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First WooCommerce Builder Community Event Scheduled

The last couple of months I have been putting together the meetup for the WooCommerce builder community. This undertaking was not approached lightly as I wanted to make sure and create events that connect, inform and support the community.

This was done by watching and listening. Hearing what was missing. I also talked with several developers directly in one-on-one conversations to hear what they felt were missing. And lastly, I pulled in two co-organizers to make sure that weekly, consistent events would take place.

March 4th, 10 am PDT – WooCommerce Builder Events – What To Expect

Let me first tell you that this isn’t your typical meetup. It’s going to have a variety of formats that will organically work towards bringing what the community wants most out of it.

The Co-Organizers

Along with myself, I will be joined by Ronald Gijsel, Community Manager at YITH and Zach Stepek, a longtime WooCommerce advocate and developer. Both of my co-organizers will run a special formatted event every other week, while I fill in between their monthly event.

The Events

Although we will get into the details more on March 4th, you can expect:

Join Ronald during the monthly “WooCommerce Round Table” discussion, the panel will get to dive deeper into everything the WooCommerce builder community would really want to find out.

And again, every four weeks do a deep dive into code and geek yourself out with Zach. He has some great plans for events where you can get together and work on code.

The events I host will be a mix of presentations, show & tell, Wooside chats and maybe even a few traditional-like meetups thrown in. I have several ideas in mind and will share them at the March 4th event.

As you will note, these events will be a mix of us streaming in a live feed while giving you the opportunity to ask questions and talk with others who are attended. The Zoom events of course, will be, a Zoom event ­čÖé

Why Join Us on March 4th?

Of course we are anxious for you to hear what we have planned.

But more importantly, during the live feed, we will be asking you to tell us what you would like to see with events and comment of our vision. It will give us a better idea of what you are looking for and how our ideas initially play out.

So make sure and RSVP here to learn more about the meetup.

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