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Fast One-Click Checkout Available on WooCommerce

Fast One-Click Checkout Available on WooCommerce

Fast Checkout offers one-click checkout to their buyers. Released by Fast in September and exclusively available for the BigCommerce platform, now can be added to WooCommerce.

With Fast Checkout, it can be installed to offer a quick online checkout experience as opposed to the lengthy checkout so many shops have.

Users are required to sign up for a new service and enter information that would normally be needed for checkout. Although some may consider this a bump in the road, once signed up, checkouts are one-click for online shops that are using Fast Checkout.

The offering now with WooCommerce really increases the audience for their product.

“Since we launched Fast Checkout in September, thousands of sellers on WooCommerce have been contacting us, clamoring for the day when they could install our one-click checkout buttons on their stores. That day has arrived,” said Fast CEO and Co-Founder Domm Holland. “Only with Fast can WooCommerce sellers add one-click purchasing directly from the product pages of their stores, allowing shoppers to skip the checkout process entirely and drive even more sales.”

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Fast, a startup funded by Stripe, does charge sellers 2.9% + .30 per transaction. This rate is the same as if you are using Stripe, so for some shops, this could also be a deciding point.

Fast Checkout does bring together more information in the dashboard for the shop owner where they able to manage transactions, track shipment and implement returns.

You can learn more about Fast Checkout here.

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