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Is WooCommerce powerful enough for enterprise sites? In the WooCommerce space, and in WordPress, we have heard that that yes, WordPress, and WooCommerce, can handle enterprise. The other question is how is enterprise defined. I once saw someone pause, look at me, and say, well, it’s really big right. Big business.

In a podcast I took the change to ask Jake Goldman, from 10up, who does a lot of work in the enterprise space define it for us.

Enterprise Doesn’t Simply Mean Big

I’ll go a little bit meta first and say, I’ve actually taken to using the phrase enterprise less. When I speak that might sound surprising, so I think when we’re in a meeting like this, I use that term so I think we all have a notion of what it means. It’s like the classic, Supreme court and pornography, I know it when I see it.

And I think we all know what we’re talking about, even if we can’t define it.

But I actually have taken myself to just saying things like larger scale customers or big business or big organizations, instead of saying enterprise, because if you want to get technical and hairsplitting, it is a fuzzy term. I think very big is not actually a bad description for it. I think the thing that characterizes enterprise for you, which is a natural side effect of getting very big, is a significant number of compartmentalized divisions under one roof.

I think of it as I think very practically for me, it’s like, there’s a CTO office, there’s a CMO office, there are multiple divisions working on different products. Bureaucracy might be too strong of a word to use for it, but the notion that you’re not talking to a unified tight little unit, again, without using little, just a tight unit with very clear structure and singular decision-making, command and control, budget approval, but you are navigating an entity that has multiple offices, probably multiple budget arms.

Multiple stakeholders with different influence on the decision making process is what in my mind what characterizes it.

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