Segmentation and Email Marketing with WooCommerce

Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
Segmentation and Email Marketing with WooCommerce

What happens when you dive into email broadcasting and segmentation with Beka Rice. Well, from someone that knows the ins and outs of the market, tips and insights abound in this episode.

In episode 24, BobWP is flying solo with our guest, Beka Rice from Jilt and Skyverge.

Beka Rice from Jilt and Skyverge

Beka is a prominent figure in the WordPress/eCommerce space. And each time I have had the chance to interview her for a podcast, I can say that what comes out of it is nothing less than amazing.

We had the chance to dive into the newest integration directly in Jilt, the ability to send broadcasts. Needless to say, most abandoned cart services use third-party email services.

But integrating this piece directly into your service makes broadcasting to your eCommerce customers easier and much more seamless.

We take it further with Beka sharing some great insights on how advanced segmentation techniques for email marketing play into this. An example she gives is segmenting by cart size. Interesting stuff.

Beka also shared a huge endeavor this brought to the surface by integrating a service like this directly into their existing Jilt offerings.

Lastly, Beka hints about some cool new stuff on the horizon with their WooCommerce membership plugin via Skyverge. She phrased it as the next evolution of memberships. What we will be seeing is the result of a lot of research and talking to people who are running successful membership sites.

All of this is worth tuning into.

Amazon’s Paying to Track You

Amazon is coming up with a creative way to wiggle their way around privacy. It has been offering $10 for permission to track their customers.

Huh? Woah, where do I sign up?

But seriously, Beka and I chat a bit about this. And to be honest, I think both of us were taken aback. We are sure there will be people that will look at this as Amazon showing that this data is valuable and they are making an effort. But really? Will others follow?

Where You Can Find Beka

You can see all the great stuff being offered on both Jilt and Skyverge. You can also connect with Beka on Twitter @Beka_Rice.