eCommerce Growth with Instagram and Affiliate Marketing

Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
eCommerce Growth with Instagram and Affiliate Marketing

In episode 15 of the Do the Woo Podcast, Brad and BobWP fly solo and dig into some eCommerce news.

As you can see, this episode is coming out during my 48-Hour WooCommerce content marathon. In a nutshell, 48 posts on Woo, every hour for two days. If you want to see all that was pushed out during that time, you can find the links here.

There wasn’t a lot of news to share in the WooCommerce space this episode. So we dug into some recent news around the general eCommerce space, chatted about a couple of articles and shared our thoughts and perspectives.

A look at Instagram’s eCommerce future

If you use Instagram for your store, or have been considering it, you might want to check this post out. It has some interesting ideas of where Instagram is going. Brad shared some of his thoughts as between the two of us, he uses it more, although for personal use.

The one interesting fact that I brought up on the show was that Instagram now has 25 million active users. But half of them don’t list a website so that means their efforts are native to Instagram. Mmm. Food for thought, huh?

And if you are looking to integrate Instagram into your site more, check out this post.

Why your eCommerce business needs to start as an affiliate site

This one hit me a bit more as someone who is very active in the affiliate marketing space, at least in my own efforts.

And even though there are more businesses than you can imagine that have affiliate programs, I have been seeing this rise to the surface lately. Especially around the subject of influencers.

Brad and I chat more about this and more about affiliates in general. In fact, the article headline is a bit misleading, so you’ll need to listen in to learn more about that.

Other Goodies

Brad shared about the announcement of this year’s WordSesh, happening May 22, 2019. If you are a WordPress professional, you need to check out this virtual conference.

Also listen in as I give some hints to new and exciting things happening with our site here.