How to Add Product Combinations to a Specific Customer’s Cart with WooCommerce

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Have you ever had a client that wanted to add a set of specific products to a cart that they send to customers? Think about the creative ways you could do this. For example, there might be two, three or four products they regularly recommend to your customers.

Or perhaps you run a WooCommerce maintenance shop and your clients that seem to most need three of your services: backups, updates and security. Instead of bundling them, you could send them a link to a cart that has all three already in it. You could also do this as a promotion by getting the link out there in emails or on social.

As with so many of the WooCommerce plugins, it’s a matter of finding a specific need and filling it.

The WooCommerce Cart URL Plugin Will Do This for You

With the WooCommerce Cart URL plugin, you can pre-fill carts with products, quantities and variations. And when you are finished, you get a nice, simple link to share. When  someone clicks on it, those specific products are added and the customer is redirected to the cart page. Simple, direct and hassle-free.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, it will appear as a tab in your WooCommerce settings. You will be able to toggle this on and off globally here, enable pretty links as well and provide a custom price.

Cart URL settings

Now you will create that cart. Let’s say I want to create it for one specific customer. By clicking on the Add Cart URL I get these options:

add new cart URL
discount code for cart URL

If we look closer, I’d like to share a couple of things. You will probably want to check the option to Clear cart when visiting this url, especially if you are sending this to existing customers or other people who have visited your site. You don’t want to clutter the art with stuff they added in a prior visit. That would defeat your purpose: to make it easy for customers to add certain products and avoid the error of adding the wrong ones.

Secondly, as a default this will redirect to the cart, but you can see that you also have an alternative option: to redirect to any of your other site pages.

clear cart option and redirection choice

As you can see, I simply typed in the products I wanted in this cart and added them:

products added to cart URL

I can easily change the quantity of any single product by clicking on the pencil icon on the right:

edit quantity of single product

Like any product in WooCommerce, once these are created, you can edit or delete as needed:

cart URL done

If I click on the URL this, is what I get. All items have now been added to my cart:

click on URL and get all items in the cart

That’s it. Pretty slick, huh?

But if we had the custom price option toggled on, we would be able to change the price of any item in the group.

custom price

And lastly, to top it off you can add a discount or coupon code for the products in the cart. When you do this, that discount will be automatically taken off the total when they use the link.

discount code for cart URL

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, this kind of functionality lets you go as far as your imagination will take you in creating these cart URL’s. And the good news? It also works with WooCommerce subscriptions.

You can grab your copy of the WooCommerce Cart URL here.

Custom Pre-fill the Cart for a Customer with a Special URL

On the other hand, when it comes to WooCommerce, creating bundles of products or services is straightforward. Clients can easily add a la carte options to their checkout process. In a lot of cases that works perfectly. But not in all cases. This can apply for both products and services. I know from experience as I had found easy ways to offer a client or customer a recommended package of products via my own store. The solution. Make it possible to send a simple URL that will have all the services and products the customer needs, neatly placed in the cart and ready for checkout.

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