A Twitter Change, @BobWP is Now @DotheWoo

It may seem like an obvious move to some. Some may wonder why it took me this long. Many factors played into the decision, many of which I will refrain from sharing and save that for another time or conversation.

The History of @BobWP

Ha, you really thought I would give you a history of my Twitter handle. Now that would be boring. But essentially, most of my time spent on Twitter has been talking about WordPress and WooCommerce. If you follow me, you know I don’t talk a lot about my personal life. Nor what I eat, meaningless 1-2 word replies, or selfies. And everything between. I have found my sweet spot using Twitter, and I’m sticking to it. But sometimes I do have thoughts about podcasting, content creation, cats and a few other odds and ends.

Do the Woo is More Than BobWP

Those seven words say it all. My goal with Do the Woo is to bring the WooCommerce Builder community together. To elevate the talent. To share the stories, experiences and expertise from others. And, of course, to bring you 10 podcast co-hosts that have their own personality, expertise and talents. In other words, unlike the last 10 years, it’s not just about the BobWP brand.

It also slips into more around WordPress, specifically WordPress core. Sometime ago I made the decision to share more “need to know” content on WordPress itself. The simple reason being, WooCommerce sits on top of WordPress, thus builders need to be on top of it as well.

BobWP is Not Going Away

Well, the Twitter handle @BobWP didn’t go anywhere. Wait, let me rephrase that. It was reborn. So yes, I started a new Twitter account for BobWP. What will I talk about there? Well, I have already hinted, but I cannot say for sure. Is it a personal account? Well, yes and no. Is it a mix of business and personal? Well, again, yes and no. Which leads me into my last point.

One thing I will not do is retweet stuff from Do the Woo via BobWP. Primarily because if you follow both of those accounts, you don’t need to see it twice. (This is another thing that bugs me personally).

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I did share this post in both my Twitter accounts for obvious reasons. ­čÖé

Who Will I Follow on DotheWoo

With that all said, I will be very selective of who I follow on the @DotheWoo. I am using it to focus in on very specific content. Thus a small list. I have my own strategy for that Twitter account, and one I have used before. So it works.

I know, some people feel it must be a pro quid pro on Twitter. You follow me, I follow back. But I have many thoughts around that subject which maybe someday, somewhere, I’ll share. But for now, it is what it is.

And So it Goes

In a nutshell, follow @DotheWoo for all WooCommerce, eCommerce and, yes, some WordPress

Follow @BobWP for everything else.

Watch for the Big Brand and Site Rebuild in October

Just a quick reminder as this is part of a bigger strategy. First part of October we are relaunching Do the Woo with a total redo of the site and brand. Keep your eyes (and ears) open.

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