Don’t Take That Client WooCommerce Question Lightly

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Before I get into the main point of this post, let me tell you a story. On my site for years and years the most popular post on the site was titled, How to Create Two Blogs on a Single WordPress Site. This post was updated three times and generated over 200k views and over 1,000 comments. Primarily the comments where as simple as a genuine “thank you” or “this is what I have been trying to figure out for so long

What was the post about? In a nutshell it showed people how to use categories.

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

When you are designing WooCommerce shops for clients, as with most things in life, it always helps to have empathy. I know from having trained people in WordPress all those years. Some of us have it naturally, others need to learn develop it.

We have to remember we have all been there.

The point that I am leading to is that what you may think is the simplest solution must always be shared with clients no matter how many times you may have repeated it to others. What you as a builder takes for granted may very well be a goldmine for others. Throw away that idea that finding the ideal client includes those who don’t ask a lot of questions, no matter how insignificant you may find them.

Simple Questions, Big Impact

I recently migrated a whole bunch of tutorial posts on WooCommerce here to Do the Woo. Traffic on those posts are staying consistent. But it may surprise you to learn that what you might think are the simplest features or solutions in WooCommerce have been and are still some of my most visited posts. Here are just two examples.

How To Easily Find the Product ID in WooCommerce

How To Set and Use Featured Products in WooCommerce

See what I mean?

With that said, I am not suggesting that you keep these in the forefront of your mind when working with clients on their sites, but instead, when they ask you about them, smile and say, “That’s a very good question. Let me explain it to you“.

Because likely your answer will mean the world to your client.

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