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Price Drop Notifier, Krokedil Wishlist, My Wishlist and Advanced Catalog Mode

A snapshot of some new products and services in the Woo ecosystem.

Price Drop Notifier

This extension gives your customers a form on the product page to request notification of a price drop determined by the amount they submit. It works for both simple and variable products and only shows on the single product page.

Krokedil Wishlist

This wishlist extension has quite a few features beyond some of the others. They include the ability to bookmark for buying later, sharing the wishlist with friends and collaborating with colleagues. It works with both guests and logged in customers.

My Wishlist for WooCommerce

A simpler wishlist extension that adds the traditional ability for customers to add product to a Wishlist they can revisit and view later.

Advanced Catalog Mode for WooCommerce

Often site owners prefer to build an online catalog versus a store where purchase are made. This extension brings the catalog functionality to your site while restricting the catalog mode for specific user roles or guests. It works with simple, variable and grouped products.

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