WooSesh, Custom Product Tables, Blocks and Facebook

Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
WooSesh, Custom Product Tables, Blocks and Facebook

In episode 6 of the Do the Woo Podcast, BobWP and Brad talk about the:

  • Upcoming online conference WooSesh
  • WooCommerce Custom Product Tables Beta— and what it does
  • WooCommerce, Gutenberg, and custom blocks
  • Effect the diminishing popularity of Facebook is likely to have on online stores

In episode 6, we return from a summer hiatus to look at what’s happening in the WooCommerce space.

WooCommerce Beginner Managed Hosting

We start with the release of the new entry-level WooCommerce managed hosting from Liquid Web. We look at how this is a great starting point for new WooCommerce stores and explore what you get with the hosting package as well as a few limitations. And the fact that an entry-level WooCommerce hosting like this gives Shopify more competition.

WooSesh, an Virtual Conference

We also share some details about the upcoming online conference, WooSesh. Brian Rzen has expanded his popular WordSesh conference, in partnership with Patrick Rauland, has created an impressive online event for site builders and developers. It takes place Oct. 18 and 19 and if you  pre-register, and show up at least for one session, you will get free access to all the session recordings. WooCommerce has stepped up as the sponsor of this event and it looks like it may be a temporary replacement for WooConf. And because it’s online, it’s more accessible to people around the world.

WooCommerce Custom Product Tables Beta

Next Brad takes the reins to talk about the WooCommerce Custom Product Tables Beta that was released in July. He explains exactly what it does, why developers should be paying attention to it and why shop owners should make sure that their tech people are on top of it. One of the biggest takeaways is that WooCommerce stores will see faster load times.

WooCommerce Blocks for Gutenberg

A WordPress-related podcast can not be a podcast without mentioning the “G” word. Yes, we’re talking about the release of the Storefront Gutenberg blocks from PootlePress. We discussed how this new market is going to be growing a lot more as time moves on. We also reflected a little on the challenges of Gutenberg.

Facebook and Its Shrinking Fans

We rounded off the topics by referring to an article on eCommercetimes.com titled The Thrill Is Gone for Many Facebook Users. We shared a few thoughts on the changes in social and how that affects eCommerce.

Blog posts we referred to:

Liquid Web WooCommerce Beginner Managed Hosting

WooSesh, a Virtual Conference

WooCommerce Custom Product Tables Beta

Pootlepress Previews Upcoming Storefront Blocks Plugin for WooCommerce

The Thrill Is Gone for Many Facebook Users

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