Do the Woo News October 8 2021

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Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
Do the Woo - A Podcast for WooCommerce Builders
Do the Woo News October 8 2021

Do the Woo News is simply updates on WooCommerce core, but community news as its discovered.

WooCommerce Core News

WooCommerce Community News: September 2021

Each month on the developer blog at they post a recap on community news for the month. It’s an update of recent happenings that you may have missed over the past month with links to detailed posts and content pulled from Github. Here is a quick overview of what you will find there.

  • An upcoming release of Action Scheduler, the minimum required versions of WordPress and PHP will be raised.
  • A security patch released to address a server configuration setup in the latter part of September.
  • WooCommerce 5.7 was released with an updated version of WooCommerce Admin and WooCommerce Blocks plus other fixed and improvement.
  • The release candidate for WooCommerce 5.8.
  • WooCommerce Admin 2.7.1 is now available and WooCommerce Blocks 5.9.0 was released, followed by 6.0.0, which included several new blocks.

Keep Updated on WordPress Core

You can find an excellent weekly highlight of the new on over on