WooBits October 15 2021

Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast
Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast
WooBits October 15 2021

WooCommerce Core News

WooCommerce Blocks 6.1.0 Release Notes

This release of the blocks came mostly with bug fixes that included those in the Filter Products by Attribute block and the Product Categories List block.

Best Practices for Deconflicting Different Versions of Action Scheduler

With the Action Scheduler in Woo, it is stated that many plugins include its library and work very well alongside of it no matter the version. The problem is that in some cases the earlier version will load instead of the latest version. This is, of course, unexpected. If you are a developer who is responsible for a plugin that includes or uses the Action Scheduler, you will want to read the post for best practices on the Woo dev blog.

WooCommerce 5.8 Released

There were over 440 commits in Core, Admin, Blocks and the Action Scheduler combined. What you will find new in 5.8 is the resolution of some usability problem with the dropdown fields, improvements made to the messaging when removing line items from within the order editor and fixes for bugs in both the featured status of products and the in-app marketplace. In addition, the REST API now support modified_before and modified_after fields for product, order and coupon endpoints.

WooCommerce Checkout: Call for testers

Want to help with testing the Woo checkout? The feedback really helps the team at Woo define the direction of future design and development around checkout.

RFC: WooCommerce Admin is Merging into Core

In a nutshell, and as quote on the Woo Dev blog, WooCommerce Admin’s code is going to be incorporated into a restructured monolithic WooCommerce repository where it will be maintained going forward. The current feature plugin and repository for WooCommerce Admin will be deprecated. Read the post for the background, the changes, why they are doing this and what the next steps are.

Keep Updated on WordPress

You can find an excellent weekly highlight of the news on WordPress.org over on PostStatus.com. And for a quick bit of the last seven days in the WordPress space, check out The WPMinute, news, events and tips from the community at theWPminute.com.

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