Do the Woo News May 21, 2021

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Do the Woo - WooCommerce News
Do the Woo - WooCommerce News
Do the Woo News May 21, 2021

Do the Woo news is updates on WooCommerce and WordPress core, plus some sound bites in-between.

WooCommerce News

WooCommerce 5.4 Beta 1

This release cycle will include jQuery 3 Compatibility, WooCommerce Blocks 5.10. and WooCommerce Admin 2.3.0. There will also be some additions to the REST API but no new actions or filers. The 5.4 final release is scheduled for June 8th.

Request for comments: Removing the filter to turn off WooCommerce Admin

Currently, the ability for developers to programmatically disable WooCommerce Admin via the wcoomerce_admin_disalbed filter is in the works. As a result they are looking for feedback to move ahead on this decision. Make sure you send in either your feedback or questions to make this happen seamlessly.

WooCommerce Testing Guide Coming Soon

A recent survey given by Woo has resulted in learning that a majority of those who replied want more info about testing the extensions they build for WooCommerce. It has been a long-term goal for the team at Woo to publish these kind of guides. Again, they are seeking and can use your feedback to help better guide them in what they want to accomplish. Make sure and check out the post as they have a working outline that is quite extensive.

WordPress News

WordPress Drops Support for Internet Explorer 11

When WordPress 5.8 is released in June, buh, bye IE 11. The post explains more of what this means and how it will affect or not affect themes.

FSE Testing

A reminder on the full site editor, that there is one week remaining to help with the latest call for testing