Do the Woo News May 14, 2021

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Do the Woo - WooCommerce News
Do the Woo - WooCommerce News
Do the Woo News May 14, 2021

Do the Woo news is updates on WooCommerce and WordPress core, plus some sound bites in-between.

WooCommerce News

WooCommerce 5.3 Released

This minor release includes WooCommerce Blocks 4.9.1 and WooCommerce Admin 2.2.6. This release also have one new and one updated filter

WooCommerce Blocks 5.1.0 Release Notes

This release included improvements to the error message logged when payment method doesn’t have all its dependencies registered, the improvements that impacts various event emitters using this function (onPaymentProcessingonCheckoutAfterProcessingWithSuccessonCheckoutAfterProcessingWithError), and a fix for unexpected email and phone field value loss.

WooCommerce Payments is Adopting a New Version Support Policy

Beginning with its next release, WooCommerce Payments will begin transitioning to a new version support policy that aligns with WooCommerce’s overarching L-2 version support policy. 

WordPress News

WordPress 5.7.2 Security Release

This security release features one security fix.

Welcome to Openverse

It was formally announce that CC Search (with the new name Openverse) is now part of the WordPress open source project. This integral part of Creative Commons is hoping to provide a long-term, sustainable challenger to closed source photo libraries and further enhance the WordPress ecosystem.