Do the Woo is Live. Connecting the WooCommerce Builder Community.

Do the Woo - WooCommerce Podcast, Community and News
Do the Woo - WooCommerce Podcast, Community and News
Do the Woo is Live. Connecting the WooCommerce Builder Community.

I am excited to announce the launch of This website was created to connect the WooCommerce builder community.

I believe that there is a need for a central location to help connect those who build WooCommerce sites, products and services. These people are the ones that drive the community and can benefit from being connected through insights, perspectives and communication. You can learn more about the site’s mission on my About Page.

Do the Woo Podcast

The Do the Woo podcast will continue to run as it has, introducing you to Woo builders since its inception. In addition, I will be adding two episodes each month, every other Tuesday. These will be part of the Do the Woo podcast but will be called Woo Perspectives. They will include me as the host/moderator, and three others to create a meeting of the Woo minds.

These individuals could be developers, agency owners, product creators, or a number of other types of WooCommerce builders. We are going to go deeper and hear their perspectives and insights of the goings on in the Woo ecosystem, both large and small.

A Lot More Wooness

It doesn’t stop there. You will also find:

  • WooCommerce news through various channels and mediums.
  • A listing of curated jobs specific to WooCommerce builders from our established Friends of Do the Woo.
  • Editorials and commentaries from the community.
  • Introduction of members of the communities through text interviews.

Our community sponsor continues their support of the Do the Woo Community with PayPal coming on board to join them on Oct. 15th

That’s Just the Start of Things

As with any site that is based on a community, there will be a lot of organic growth. Also coming:

  • A tool set of resources to help individuals and agencies sell clients on WooCommerce.
  • Highlights of big brands that are using WooCommerce

Of course, organic means that there are things that haven’t even evolved yet in my mind.

Lastly, Friends of Do the Woo

I am lucky to have the community sponsors that I do. But a site like this also needs continued support from the community. Content and connections are leading factors. But also, if you want to support this community and get a few extra bonuses, considering becoming a Friend of Do the Woo. There is no content on this site being put behind a paywall, but you will get some extra goodies.

There is a lot to explore. So go forth, check out this new site and, of course, Do the Woo.