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Do the Woo Chats with WordFest Organizers

Thanks to our sponsors


Today is a special episode of Woo Perspectives. As a media sponsor for WordFest this year, I decided to bring on four of the organizers of the premiere of this event coming January 22nd. We talked about WordFest, but scattered in some Woo as well.

A Chat with Cate, Dan, Hauwa and Michelle

We start the podcast with learning about WordFest Live, the online global WordPress community event.

From there we venture into WooCommerce a bit. It begins with Dan sharing a lesson learned about why using WooCommerce would have been a better choice for the WordFest site.

I wrap it with the fact that WordFest is an event for mental health and remote workers (amongst others) and pull a thought from an earlier podcast. I give each of them a chance to give me their thoughts on this question.

What would you recommend to those WooCommerce builders who are overwhelmed with demands from clients who need to get up an eCommerce site quick, due to the situation many business owners are facing.

Of course, a lot of fun and introspective conversation are dropped here and there. I’m excited about this online event and hope you will join us.

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You can see our news posts about WordFest here.

Hey everyone, BobWP here and welcome to Do the Woo podcast episode nine zero. although it has absolutely no meaning, no implications it just sounded good to say nine zero. So I'm gonna start that way. We are in for a special edition of Woo perspectives and it's special because I have four special people on it, excluding me, and that's what makes it very special.

But before I get into that, let me thank by sponsors, WooCommerce. You know them, you love them. You probably use them and that's why you listen to this podcast. And Hey you probably use them too. Use them on your store, on your shop on your event, who knows where you use it. So keep those two in mind you'll hear more about them later in the show.

I wanna dive right into this because there is two reasons I wanna talk about what I'm talking about today. One is that I'm a, Do the Woos a media sponsor, for an upcoming event called WordFest. And secondly because I get to talk for very cool people, and the latter being the better part of it. With that said I'm not even gonna tell you what WordFest is. If you don't know what WordFest is, you're gonna learn about it. But before I do that, I'm gonna go around and have my guests introduce themselves and say hello to you.

I will start with Hauwa, how are you doing? And tell us just a little bit what you do aside from this event we're gonna be talking about

Hey I'm Hauwa Abashiya, and aside for WordFest I'm a project manager so many logistics and e-commerce projects.

Cool. Michelle how about you? Nobody knows you so you're a stranger to all of us.

If you don't know who I am I am a Michelle Frechette and in addition to that I'm working with Big Orange Heart, WordFest I am the head of customer success working WP.

Cool and Dan, how about yourself?

Thank you. So I run a digital agency Blue 37. I'm also the founder of Big Orange Heart a registered charity supporting wellbeing and mental health within the right working communities.

And last but not least Cate.

Hi I'm a serial community volunteer in the WordPress community. I do a lot of freelance writing and editing when I feel like it. And my next big focus after we get done with WordFest Live, is to get HeroPress the expansion in motion. Well not in motion, it's been in motion, but they're like visible out there. So yeah right now I'm the the force behind HeroPress.

Cool well we have the meeting of the minds here that's for sure. I'm gonna let one of you kinda tell us before we get into just... And everybody if you're wondering, what does this happen to do with WooCommerce? It always has something to do with WooCommerce. That's the thing. You never know what it's gonna have to do with it but

I think we'll find them interesting here in the depths of this. But first I want just... And we will probably revisit this a little bit more talk about the event a little bit more but for those that don't know what WordFest is I'm gonna let one of you start and if any of you wanna add anything to it, yeah go for it because we wanna know what WordFest is and when its happening.

Go ahead Dan you start us off.

Excellent okay sure. So WordFest is a live 24 hour virtual festival of WordPress. So we're gonna be traveling the world, celebrating coming together as a community. We've got a fantastic lineup even if I do say so myself all speakers, we've actually got an incredible 48 sessions lined up for you. The event itself is entirely free you do not have to pay to attend.

However we do offer the option to make an optional donation at point of registration. The reason I say donation is because this entire event or funds raised through it, through both sponsorship and donation are going to support Big Orange Heart which as I mentioned is a registered charity supporting wellbeing and mental health. So the event itself is going to be running over a 24 hour period as we travel across multiple time zones. And I'm incredibly excited to bring this as part of a team to the community.


Every time Dan says travels through the time zones I picture the Indiana Jones airplane, kinda going around the world, stopping up as it goes, and I hear the theme song in my head. So now forever Dan you are Indiana Jones today.

Except he is sitting there in his comfy chair, wearing his sweat pants and fluffy slippers. I mean it's...

But he's even got the glove behind him I mean.

Yeah, all right good point.

It's gonna be a lot of fun. I mean the fact that we've got... Unfortunately obviously in this current climate we can't have our in-person events which were very, very sad. We want to be able to deliver some way bringing the community together. It's such a special community when we come together, and finding a way to be able to do that is obviously, it's challenging in these climates.

And with this current climates, and we've been working hard for some time now through Big Orange Heart, through the events that we deliver anyway, to find a suitable solution that can enable people to come together and just have some fun and connect and network and be that community. And this idea of obviously we are a global community, we're not in our individual little silos, we want to yeah come together collectively. And so we're looking forward to enabling this for our community.

Yeah. So what does everybody, what's your involvement, but because this is the leadership team and that's I mean these aren't people I just dragged off the street asking what WordFest is about.

You’re sure about that?

I wanna clarify that these people are in our WordFest. This is their event. I mean they're the power behind it. So why don't you each share just and just curious what you're doing with... What's your role in the event?

Well I'm chief chaos maker.

That is not wrong. But it's how he manages to bring it all back together too.

He does solve the chaos yes. I mean he should get credit for both. I'm the marketing lead, that means I do a lot of social media tweeting at the moment. Yeah and writing, I get to write which has been really fun actually.

And you're working with all the media partners.

Yes oh I love that. I have to say that I have been... Like we're getting towards the end of the event when we should be feeling exhausted and worn out, and particularly working with the media partners. And I don't just say this because Bob is one of them, but they've been so rejuvenating because I think we have 10 of them, and every single one of them has been so enthusiastic about the event. They have been very proactive about the event. They've been looking for ways to help me if I needed incredibly friendly and kind to work with.

So if you're looking for news in the WordPress community and we did a good job. I'm a newsy, so I like news. And if you're looking for news in the WordPress community really check out our media partners because they cover various niches across the community. We've got a global group, just a huge variety bigger and smaller, make sure you're getting a variety of news. If life right now has taught us nothing, make sure you're getting a variety of news from a variety of sources. But we've got a really great little group, to pick from.

And there is some media sponsors you know like days, just like a few days before ping you all and say, " Hauwa how would you like to be on a podcast? Do you have time like this two, three days from now on in Monday morning to do this?" So there is some media sponsors are maybe a little too proactive or-

You love it, it's all good.

You know not you Bob, Bob you waited until two weeks out. So we're really-

Michelle what do you do.

I am a speaker, lead for speakers, speaker wrangler whatever title you wanna put to that. I have spent a lot of time prior to the holidays, reaching out to people, asking people to apply and trying to wrestle out people all over the world to present at WordFest. And so I think it was fairly successful we have 48 amazing speakers, and I've been helping facilitate that process, of getting keeping in contact with the speakers letting them know what's expected when, and I've been somewhat successful at getting them all to submit their talks on time.

As a fellow WordCamp organizer, I think you've got half of them in on time, and like two weeks early, two and a half weeks early. That's amazing. Like that's voodoo magic right there.

It's been good.

You're being a little modest there. I mean I think what we need to remember is we actually set out. So when this event started, we set out with initially, we were looking for 24 sessions, 24 speakers. We put out the call for speakers into the community and we had a phenomenal response. And thank you to every single person that reached out to us. We had over 150 speaker applications come in which was absolutely fantastic. And we ended up... Initially we went up to 36 sessions and then we went up to 48 sessions. So we've actually doubled the size of this event.

That's because I begged, I begged please can I have more they're also good?

There goes. All right let's see, Hauwa, what do you do there?

So I'm the sponsors lead, so I get to interact with all the lovely sponsors that we've got for this WordFest. And, shameless plug since this is a WordFest podcast, please, if you're still thinking about sponsoring, especially if you're like in the Oceana Asia regions we would still love to talk to you. So you know, call us up and yeah we are very good at not sleeping, so we can get you in right on time.

So I'm going to... I love my sponsors. And I know sponsors, I mean, I will do anything for my sponsor... Well I won't do anything but just about. But if you can quickly gather your list of sponsors could you just give off that list because I think everybody needs to hear the sponsors because they're basically what drive all these sites. So if you can just give them a quick little shout out here.

Absolutely yes. Yeah so we've got our global sponsors... Oh sorry, are you going to say something?

Oh, no, no.

Okay cool. So I want to say a big thank you to our global sponsors, both FUSED and GoDaddy Pro. So both companies are joining us for the full 24 hours of the event so I really looking forward to seeing them. Then we've got our constant sponsors Elementor, Posts Status, Watchful, and BlueHost. So again, thank you very much to each and every one of you. And then our subcontinent sponsors 20i, GoWP, Termageddon, WP Buffs and Yoast. So we are incredibly grateful for every single company that is stepping up and supporting this event.

As I've mentioned, everything is going into supporting Big Orange Heart, and we've had a fantastic response to our micro sponsorship. So if you take a look at you'll see on the attendees page, there's a whole list of companies that have also purchased a micro sponsorship which enables us to continue to deliver this free wellbeing and mental health support into the community. I also if you don't mind Bob, just say a quick thank you. Unfortunately they're not on the call with us, but there are a couple of other team members that have been really active across this. I just wanted to give them a quick mention as well.

Oh sure, yeah, yeah.

Start off Paul Smart has been doing a lot of work with Hauwa across the sponsorship team. It's a big, big thank you there Paul. We've also got Barbara Saul sitting in the background helping support the volunteers across this. Leo Mindell, he's helping us across the technical EV side 'cause this presents a whole new challenge trying to deliver these types of events in this style. And Tim Nash, who's helping us from a technical delivery perspective.

Oh wow, quite a group there yeah. And if you're just joining in no we're not... He did not just receive an Oscar and he's thanking everyone. He is thanking all the cool people that are actually helping with this particular event. It's yeah, it's pretty amazing.

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Thanks for PayPal for being a community sponsor at Do the Woo. And now back the conversation.

Well I do wanna swing back just a little bit around WordFest but, I feel like we have to talk about WooCommerce, just because I don't know, it just kinda what we do around here, obviously.

And Dan you had brought up a really interesting, idea or something that you had come across and this is one of those things that, " Oh, should we have used WooCommerce?" And I'm sure many people out there listening have thought that at one point or another, or maybe they said why did I use WooCommerce? So it could be the other way around. So just, let's get a little bit of background on that. Just what you were talking about, what you had first implemented and then you thought maybe we should have used WooCommerce in it. Like you said it's kind of a case study just people to understand what's going behind the scenes on something like this. And sometimes you learn, and this is the first WordFest, you make decisions, and sometimes the next time around you realize maybe technically you should have done another direction. So why don't you go for that?

Absolutely yes yeah I mean, this is a really interesting, interesting situation because we are collectively within the team, we are a group of WordCamp organizers. So we're used to having that WordCamp infrastructure, there is obviously thousands of hours that have gone into supporting that and building upon it, iterating that infrastructure. So here we are delivering something outside of that but with a very similar structure. So of course you've got to basically start from scratch in terms of the actual, the technical delivery of it. And there has been a lot of learning.

It's been a learning curve. It's been a lot of things through this that we would possibly do and certainly we'll do differently as we go forward. Registration is one of those that's... It's been, I wouldn't say it's been a problem, but I think we could certainly look at a more streamlined approach to be able to enable that process to happen. So at the moment we're using, gravity forms for registration and part of that registration process offers the option for a donation. So there is an optional payment process. So of course within tying in payment gateways, because we're a global events, then needed to start looking at multicurrency, and that's really where I think potentially, if we'd have gone down the route of using Woo as opposed to gravity forms, there's nothing wrong with what's going on within gravity forms.

It's been a fantastic solution for this, but it was more specifically on that multi-currency aspects of it. Now we know there are obviously multicurrency solutions for payment gateways within gravity forms, but certainly I think Woo would have given us, it just would have given us that additional set of features, that would have probably enabled a slightly better, experience for the users and certainly in the multicurrency selection, but also from us from the backend perspective in terms of the management of those users, there may have been some just a bit of a better experience for us, but of course it's really literally learning on the job with this sort of thing.

Yeah I agree. I mean I remember using, I think I've been using gravity forms for as long as I can remember. I don't even know when I didn't use I think is probably the first form plugin I use. But yeah I used it for a lot of different things and then there were certain times I just, hey you know I needed a little bit more sensibility. I'm going to take WooCommerce. I'm gonna actually throw out something that this is totally turning the subject more back to what WordFest is about. Maybe each of you can give a little inspiration here.

One of the things, and this is not new in this space. So part of the presentations there are to help people's wellbeing, and remote working and all the stuff we all deal with. One of the challenges and I believe it was in a podcast I had with Crystal Emma, he said, " One of the challenges that e-commerce shop builders had specifically during this time, is everybody wanted to get online right now." I mean sure everybody wants to get online but at the same time, everybody wants to get online and sell which is not, " Oh, we just jump online and start putting on, 900 of your products.?

So there was this incredible stress, and he, from the perspective of running a business kinda gave his thoughts on that and the tips around that because that's something and I think there's probably continuing to feel that pressure. So it's a real added pressure in how you deal with your customers at that time and how you deal with yourself saying, " Wow, suddenly I have the opportunity will expand this part of my business building websites, using WooCommerce or some kind of e-commerce platform, but this is very stressful. How do I manage this? How do I..." I know that's very broad, very generic but I thought it also kind of brings in, ties into a little bit of what WordFest is about. You know helping people kind of come to cope with this stuff that's going on and remote working.

So I don't know if any of you have a little... And then this isn't necessarily just for WooCommerce builders, but I think it would touch on them because it's really anybody that's facing that right now. And that's a good thing to face, too much work, but it could be also very stressful. Any thoughts on that? And I'll just let you go around if you all have something you wanna add to that.

I'm gonna jump in first. And I'm gonna say that depending on what it is you're trying to sell, move, engage with people, if you can't do it on your own and nobody should necessarily try to do it on their own depending on the size, the project that you're taking on, it's building that team around you. Whether you hire somebody as a teammate, whether you... If you're doing something like we're doing where we're not hiring people, we're just looking for people who want to be engaged and want to give back, it's building that team.

So WordPress came out of a conversation, in a fundraising conversation. I think it was four of us if I'm not incorrect, it was Dan, myself, Paul Smart and Giles I think was also a part of that conversation. Where we thought about doing something for giving Tuesday, and like having a short event from giving Tuesday which we didn't really have enough time to do turned into a humongous project called WordFest, and then the conversation began like, " Well who could we get to help us do this?" Because literally two or three people can't make something this big happen.

And so it really became that conversation of how do we tap into people who number one, have the time and capacity and number two, have the knowledge, the know-how and have the desire to help us do that. And so immediately I thought of Cate, I'm like, " Well I'm gonna tap Cate DeRosia and see if we can get her in here to help with marketing." And Dan had ideas on who else we could pull in. So I probably just took everybody's answer but that's my answer.

Mine is similar to Michelle's and I absolutely agree with her but from a slightly different aspect. Having a group of like-minded professionals, so not just a team that's part of your product but being able to sit down and talk through the problems with other people who either have experience, or new insight and who can, if not help with problem solving 'cause it's not always about problem solving, it's just about having somebody listen and care. It's so easy to get isolated, and the more work you have to do, the more likely you are to pull back from everything around you.

And so setting up intentional times when you're, use the word again intentionally meeting with people to intentionally talk about your problems, I mean it's really important whether regardless of what you're doing. Being a remote worker is very isolating, I mean I know I've been a remote worker for 25 years. 20 of that was parenting, five of that was not but it's still the same, you still have the same polls on your time. And so being very, very intentional about talking to people and that's one aspect of that I love about WordFest, is the way the platform is set up.

It is a lot like going to a WordCamp but actually having a hallway track. There is real opportunities to sit down at our virtual tables and talk to other people in the industry from across the globe. And whether you're doing that through a Facebook group, some other time whether you're part of a mastermind, whether you're in a Slack group, I'm in a book club, find a time to be with like-minded individuals.


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Anything else?

Yeah, we've had of conversations with individuals that have struggled through this period. And really it comes down to we need to be kind to ourselves. It's so easy to put a lot of pressure on ourselves at this stage at this moment. And I think there is these, there's so much that's been lost through this period. You know whether it's, the very real loss of loved ones or whether it's loss of freedoms. There is so many issues that people have been facing through this period that we just need to have that ability to be able to take a step back and just ask yourself, are you being kind to yourself? Are you putting so much pressure on yourself to achieve things all the time?

We're in a very strange situation and you know, the word the term unprecedented gets banded around all over the place certainly here in the UK. But it is, we need to remember, we need to remember this is a unique situation. Nobody in the world, has been through this, that is alive today previously. So we're having to learn these things as we go. And just taking that time to allow yourself to have a moment if things are difficult, then that's okay. You don't have to keep pushing through. You don't have to keep constantly trying to pretend to be the strong one. There's this it's okay to not be okay.

Cool. Do you have anything to add Hauwa?

Yeah I was gonna just echo that, I agree with that not as just like with my PM Hauwa it's just remembering, you don't have to do everything, and it's looking at well what is possibly the minimum amount that I could do that might get me the biggest gain. So it's having a look at that and not necessarily thinking, " Oh I have to do everything." And not comparing yourself to others as well I think that's a big thing is 'cause we tend to say, " Oh but this person is doing this and so much amazing stuff aside," but yeah it might have taken them quite a long time to get there, and you just need to go at your own pace, and your do it your own way not necessarily somebody else's way.

Yeah. Yeah that's interesting because I, during this whole thing, and not necessarily just in the light of what I asked you but I think one of the things that hit me most is I feel like I hope I'm a very empathetic person, and I realized how much we take for advantage of people that are like us at work remote, tactical and everything. And you know everybody else is trying to do things right now and we sometimes... I think one of the biggest values that's grown out of this whole thing is, that hopefully more people are more patient with people.

I mean, how many Zoom chats have you had where somebody yeah. This is their second Zoom chat in their lifetime, and, whether it's live or you're recording it or whatever, you gotta understand that everybody, everybody is tackling a lot of issues. And every time I... I'm at the age where yeah we don't have kids running around. We don't have to worry about the kid coming in and it's like take it with a grain of salt. You know though somebody comes in and ask somebody question, whatever, if they need to sit their baby on their lap and whatever the case is, we've learned that it's like the small things. Don't sweat the small things. I think we freaked out about all this other stuff so much that now it's like, " Okay you know, this is natural." And actually I enjoy the reality of life online. I like to see some reality pop in every once in a while.

Had somebody on our podcast and their rooster started. It was that time of the morning and in the background and she was all, " I'm sorry." I said, " No that's you know, I've never had that sound effect." I mean I could put it on, my board here and interject it but to naturally have it. So anyway that yeah, those are really good. What I wanna do to kind of... I wanna you know get a little bit more details before we wrap this up. But the one thing I wanted to ask each of you, is just tell us something about WordFest, whether it's a a session or two, I don't mean you to highlight and we're not saying this session is the right session to go to, if there's some other... Something that just you, if you were sitting down and you were actually...

Okay let's give a scenario here. You're sitting down at a WordCamp or actually in person at WordCamps which seems unrealistic and you know so far away, but we're there and you are still gonna be doing this and you're doing it online. And somebody sits down with you and you start talking about it, what would you like to tell them most about WordFest or what would you be your kind of your pitch at that point in time, or maybe make it a unique pitch something a little bit specific? So I'm just gonna kinda lay that on you and let you go whatever direction you want with that. And why don't we start with... I'll start with Cate, Cate I'm gonna put you on the spot, and then we'll just let everybody else chime in.

I was all don't pick me, don't pick me, don't pick me. So I am a serial event attender. We've been to large amount. We've had the opportunity to go to a large amount of in-person events. And when they all moved online, I have gone to zero events, except for a few minutes that were Camp Austin because the girls were performing. And of course you don't miss that. But WordFest is so different from other... They have worked so hard to create a really unique, a really unique venue, that allows a lot of freedom of movement, without being overly complicated. I'm not a very technical person everybody knows this about me, and for me to be able to comfortably and easily move around this venue, I mean it really is like being at a live event, with the freedom of movement and the access to a variety of different things.

You can sit in on a session, you can go talk to a sponsor, or you can sit at a table and talk to a friend and it's a video so you're actually looking at them and seeing them, and I'm someone who really likes to talk with people and I can see them face to face. I'm a lot more comfortable that way. And it brings it, like it brings you into this group of people that you might not have been able to travel and see. And as someone who was a parent for a really long time, not being able to travel was a big deal, so, I can go all over and meet these people face to face that I have only heard of or seen in tech or chatted with on Slack or something.

So the ease of movement, the simplicity of such a complicated platform 'cause I just in my mind is blown at how they were able to create this. But that's my pitch, this isn't like other virtual events, and I just really excited about it.

Thank you Cate. I mean that... The in-person events has been... Again it's I think for all of us that they're special, they're unique, we want to be with the community. I've been running events within the WordPress space for more than a decade now and I thoroughly love those events. You know I thoroughly love the people I spend, I spend an enormous amount of time in the hallway track and being with the community, that's what a WordCamp for me is.

You know it's about that... I've got so much admiration for the speaker in the sessions, and the knowledge that's shared and the way we as a community do freely share our knowledge. But I do, there's just something special about that hallway track and that being able to connect with other people. And that was something that we'd set out to do. We quickly realized, that Zoom whilst it's an amazing tool it's an amazing tool for certain situations, it's not the right tool for a multi-room events.

So we set out to develop something that would enable us to have that experience. And, I'm always overjoyed when I hear Cate and others talk about the platform in that way because it just demonstrates that we are actually achieving what we'd set out to do by creating this platform that enables people just to freely move around. When you're in the platform you're able to see who's on which table before you jump into that table. So it just feels a little bit more like in real life, we don't all jump into one big video call and expect 70 people to all be able to have a conversation that just isn't practical. We wanna break it down into those smaller groups. Let's get the half a dozen people on and you can have a nice decent conversation between those people. So that's really the biggest points, we've got this fantastic lineup of speakers and I really I mean, I'm blown away by the sessions that we've got. We could very easily deliver another event, with the sessions that we couldn't accept the standard is absolutely fantastic. But this ability to come together as a community really is the key for me and for WordFest, and the ability just to connect and be a community together.

I'm gonna jump in and say in addition to all of that, I am super excited about the diversity of topics, the diversity of speakers that we have, and the diversity of people attending. So it's not just you know like when you go to WordCamp US, yes there's international people that have come to WordCamp US but there are so many more people who couldn't travel to United States because of whatever reasons. Whether it's financial, visa, whatever. Now we're open to everybody and everybody is able to attend that, and our topics are diverse. We have everything from yoga sessions, to, development talks that are way over my head to everything in between.

And so we have the ability to really provide something for everyone, but also have diversity in who the speakers are, where they come from, what their backgrounds are, what their culture is like, and so we're hearing not only the same things we've heard before but from different perspectives. And I think that's super important especially at an international event like this. And if I might add too, I'm excited for us to go back to in-person events, but I am equally excited for us to continue having online events.

So if all WordCamps went back to being in-person events, Big Orange Heart can continue to provide, you know a WordFest, that allows us to all to continue to see those faces that we've grown accustomed to, and that we're in dear to now over the last, year that we've been dealing with everything online and through pandemic and all of that, I don't have to stop having those friendships. I don't have to seek additional ways to see those people, because we can continue to have events like this, that can continue to bring us all together.

Yeah I'd echo that. For me it's yeah the community, I think community sums it up. Being able to meet with those people and that experience that you do get on the WordFest platform. And with that hallway track is done, everybody else has been saying it's getting on there. And then also it's, I think the joy of with all the speakers that we've had is the joy of not getting close and close to the event and then you hear that, oh this person, you really, really wanted to hear. 'Cause you're part of the planning committee and then all of a sudden, oh I can't come because you know might be like Michelle was saying the visa problem and it's like this time well no actually I can hear them. Yeah I can even see, where they live and things like that. So yeah, I think that's what it is for me yeah.

Oh cool. Well this has been great. This is wonderful. And how I'm going to give all the details is, I'm gonna ask each of you. Okay let's see. Hauwa, what date is it gonna happen?

Ooh, well it kicks off on the and you're testing me here. At 11:00 pm on the 21st of January. And that's 11:00 pm UTC. And it kicks off in Oceana.

Cool. Michelle, let's see, tell us a little bit more about the travel time, because you mentioned the thing around traveling in a plane, jumping down, all that good stuff. So I wanna hear the details on where we're gonna be when.

So we have four regions, so the 24 hours is divided out over four regions. We start in Oceania, we move from there to Asia, then Europe and the Middle East, and then in Africa, and then we end up in the America. So we cover that 24 hours around the globe. You don't have to watch it only your own time zone, you can hop in and out during the entire 24 hours. It's a festival for everybody to attend whatever sessions they wanna see.

Cool. Hey, what's the website

Oh that was supposed to be Cate. We're gonna-

Oh I'm sorry I thought you said hey.

It's okay I wasn't sure either. So yeah., yeah totally.

And Dan, what's your final invitation to everyone out there?

We wanna make sure that WordFest Live is the most internationally represented event across the the WordPress calendar. So if you haven't registered already,, as I say there is an optional donation. Tickets are free, and yeah we're opening this up to all, so please do join us.

Very cool. Well no reason for anybody to show up but I'll be there so I hope you join me and everyone else. Is gonna be a fantastic event I'd like to thank our sponsors again, and PayPal, their ongoing support is amazing, where I can put out all this good stuff and keep this, yeah going. And if you are in the Woo space, I mean this is the event, you're part of the WordPress ecosystem, and there's gonna be plenty of stuff there for you. So make sure and check it out, and that's it. Yeah I think we are good to go. I'm excited about it. I'm excited to explore the platform. Yeah it just there is gonna be a lot going on and I hope I can spend as much time there as possible. And I wanna just thank all of you for joining me today.

Bob thank you very much we really appreciate the opportunity you have to come join me.

Yap thanks for having us.

Thanks for us here.

All right everybody, that's it for another show and just continue Do the Woo and also attend WordFest. Till the next time.