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Do the Woo Changelog

V1.0 – 03.09.2016

  • NEW: Do the Woo podcast episode 1 released
  • NEW: Hosted by BobWP
  • NEW: Guests from the WooCommerce space

V2.0 – 09.10.2016

  • NEW: Do the Woo changes to the WP eCommerce Show
  • NEW: Covers the bigger ecosystem of WordPress and eCommerce

V3.0 – 01.08.2018

  • NEW: Do the Woo podcast returns
  • BUGFIX: Revert to WooCommerce-focused content

V3.1 – 04.11.2018

  • BUGFIX: Added co-host Brad Williams because listeners didn’t want to hear just BobWP

V3.2 – 09.27.2018

  • BUGFIX: Sponsorships added

V3.3 – 01.10.2019

  • FIXES: Artwork updated

V3.4 – 04.18.2019

  • BUGFIX: Artwork updated again

V4.0 – 01.09.2020

  • NEW: is now Do the Woo on BobWP
  • NEW: Weekly podcast
  • NEW: Jonathan Wold and Mendel Kurland join as co-hosts
  • NEW: Intro music
  • NEW: Do the Woo news podcast added
  • NEW: Friends of Do the Woo added
  • FIXES: Formatted transcripts added for accessibility

V5.0 – 10.06.2020

  • NEW: Do the Woo is now
  • NEW: New site design
  • NEW: Add two podcast episodes monthly Woo Perspectives
  • NEW: Woo Job Listings
  • NEW: Woo Events
  • NEW: Listings of new products called Product Snapshot
  • NEW: Individual level for Friends of Do the Woo
  • FIXES: Additional benefits for Friends of Do the Woo
  • FIXES: Adding more mediums for delivering the news
  • FIXES: Bringing back Profiles in Woo

V5.1 – 11.19.2020

  • NEW: Do the Woo Blog

V5.2 – 12.18.2020

  • NEW: WooCommerce Builder Global Meetup
  • NEW: Added brand assets to site
  • FIXES: New product and service news returned to single news posts

V5.3 – 1.11.2021

  • NEW: Job listings available for purchase

V6.0 – 1.30.2021

  • NEW: Redesign of homepage
  • NEW: Redesign of sponsor page
  • NEW: Redesign of Join Do the Woo Friends page
  • FIXES: Streamlined main navigation
  • FIXES: Reduced size of page and post hero
  • FIXES: Sponsorship restructured

V6.1 – 2.19.2021

  • NEW: Announced the WooCommerce Builder Community Events
  • NEW: Added event co-organizers Zach Stepek and Ronald Gijsel to the Woo team

V6.2 – 3.4.2021

  • UPDATED: Launched the WooCommerce Builder Community Events on Meetup
  • UPDATED: Designed new event page
  • NEW: Launched the WooCommerce Builder Events Podcast

V6.3 – 3.22.2021

  • NEW: Added WooCommerce Roundtable Panelists Christie Chirinos, Robert Jacobi and Robbie Adair
  • NEW: Noelle Steegs joins the podcast host team