How to Control Where a Single Variation Displays on WooCommerce Store

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Variations of product are often buried and WooCommerce doesn’t give you much control over displaying any single variation.

With the WooCommerce Show Single Variation plugin, you get more control over where and how a variation will show up. Heck, you can even add them to your shop page.

Options for Single Variation Display

After installing the plugin, under each variation you have added options.

If you choose, for the option it can remove the Add to Cart button and replace it with Select Options.

And lastly, it can be shown only on the listings of your products and not on the single product as a variation.

Another cool feature is the ability to add a custom title to the variation for display.

For example, you will now see it displayed on my shop page.

And in my featured product section.

This is the perfect way to display specific variations on a site and control where and when they show up.

So after setting up the variations, skim though what you have as they might be a hidden gem your client would want to pull out.

Be sure to check out the WooCommerce Show Single Variation plugin.

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