Someone May Ask, Did You Do the Woo?

Do the Woo - WooCommerce Podcast, Community and News
Do the Woo - WooCommerce Podcast, Community and News
Someone May Ask, Did You Do the Woo?

When I first started this podcast, the idea of the name just struck me. Already people were easily using the shorter term, “Woo”. Now it happens even more. I’m not saying I had anything to do with it obviously, but even if you were to talk to people at, the term Woo is thrown around much more loosely, then what I might consider the formal “WooCommerce.

Or if you have ever snagged a shirt from their booth at past WordCamps, it simply was Woo.

When Woo (or WordPress) Becomes a Common, Web Term

What I’m leading up to in a recent podcast where Robert Jacobi touched on this more. He was with a group of people and the question thrown out was, What does WordPress look like in 5 years? This isn’t the first time I have heard a similar question like this, but I did find his answer and perspective unique. At the same time is was revisiting his idea of eventually seeing a

What does WooCommerce look like in 5 years?

There are the open source community aspects. Then there’s the actual product aspects. I feel, you heard it here first, and certainly if I’m wrong, you can correct me in five years. WordPress will be synonymous with just getting content on to the web. Did you fill it up on WordPress? You might be using, who knows what tool, but the language of WordPress, I think is pervasive. Not just in the geeky side of the universe, but actually across all sorts of businesses and even trickling down to normal day-to-day folks who aren’t even tied to any of this stuff.

I think the opportunity with a is the same exact thing. Are you selling it on Woo? Did you buy that from Woo?

And that could be anything, that can be any site. But all of a sudden, you’re going to see that Woo Payments button, maybe. So, yeah, I bought it with Woo and that could have a whole financial universe of its own where there’s credit cards and banking and the infrastructure and inventory and taxation and shipping.

What’s nice about WordPress and Woo as just words is that they are slowly trickling out beyond the geekosphere.. People don’t think about Squarespace, but they’ve heard about WordPress. Then, I’m thinking of a payment processor. I think Woo has the same opportunity to grow in that space and to have mind share at the level that’s above and beyond what we’re doing as if we knew level.

And that is exciting for me. And how is Woo? I think given the market share certainly of WordPress and I think Woo will follow along even quicker and faster and stronger that end users, people who are just completely separated from this world that we work in day to day will be like, “Yeah, I Woo’d it. I WordPressed it.” And they’ll become terms like Xerox.

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