How to Use Forms Effectively on a WooCommerce Store

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Often, when we think of contact forms, we think of that simple form on the contact page. Sure, this is something you need to have on our online store, but you should also be taking advantage of its features to connect with customers, get customer feedback and sell more of your products and services.

How to Use Forms with Your Customers

1. Your basic contact form. We all use them, or have seen them. Land on someone’s contact page and they ask for your name, email and then leave you a nice-sized box labeled “more details,” or worse, “other”.  It doesn’t give the user any guidance, nor does it move them to action.  With the more robust contact form plugins, you can add fields that specifically ask what product or service they are interested in. And questions to identify their needs, which, of course, you can fill.

2. Think survey. You can always use various online survey services, but if you want to do something small, for a handful of clients, many contact form plugins have an option or an add-on for surveys. Whether it’s a single page survey, or a multi-page questionnaire,  you can analyze this information to learn more about your customers.

3.  Service questionnaire. If you have a professional service to offer, the more you know about your customers needs, the better you can meet those. For example, when someone first contacts you about your services, they always have some initial questions. After that, you can send them to a more detailed form to fill out that asks more specific questions about the project. With that in hand, once you have a better idea of their needs, and you can fill in the gaps with a few more questions, so you can give them a more accurate quote.  This also gives the customer or client time to think them through her needs.

4. A follow-up questionnaire. After a product or service purchase, send your client a link to the form after completion of the project. A great way to get feedback and make sure to leave a spot for them to give you a testimonial as well if appropriate.

5.  An optional questionnaire. You may describe a service on your site and allow clients to purchase it on the spot. But what if they have a question? Make it as easy as possible by adding a small contact form below with the option to ask a question. This avoids the inconvenience of having to click through to another page. Chances are,  it will prompt them to contact you, rather than leaving your site,  never to return.

6. Request a testimonial. There always comes that opportunity where a happy customers or client sends you this amazing email that you turn into a testimonial. But sometimes they need a nudge. Make it easy and create a separate form for only testimonials. Make it simple and accessible. And link to it with customers whenever possible.

Of course this is only a part of the power of forms. From giving aways gifts when customers subscribe to a running polls, you have so many options.

From my own experience with contact forms and the power they have, I would suggest you get creative and find new and innovative ways to get the most out of your forms on your online store.

There are a wide variety of form plugins out there that have a vast feature list that will take care of your needs. You can check out these two posts on our site here to learn more about a couple of options.

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