Let WooCommerce Customers Choose Their Own Subscription Price

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Subscriptions are a powerful way to create recurring revenue. When it comes to memberships or groups that your client may offer teaching or consulting for, there may come a time that they would rather let them choose their price. It’s not a common practice but your it might be the right solution for their pricing model and situation.

Name Your Price Subscriptions

You can do this easily with the combination of the Subscriptions extension and the Name Your Price extension for WooCommerce.

Once you have installed and activated both extensions, you will have the option to toggle any subscription product as a Name Your Price. Once you have done that, you will see that there is the option to create a suggested price, a minimum price and a maximum price.

With the suggested price, it will pre-fill the field for the customer or you can leave this blank. On both the minimum and maximum, if you leave them blank, there will be no limit.

If I were to set the minimum at $50, this is what I would see on the product page.

Offering an Option to Choose a Subscription Billing Period

This takes it a bit further, allowing the customer to choose a subscription billing period using the Name Your Price extension.

First, you will need to set it as Variable Subscriptions. To have this work, you will need to set an Attribute for your payment periods.

You will need to create the variations for these billing periods. For example, here is the variation for monthly, where I can fill in the suggested and minimum prices and set the billing period.

Now you will see the option to choose a billing period.

And if they choose yearly, this is what the customer will see:

As I mentioned before, this is an option you can have for products where you could get very creative, but you also need to be careful that this kind of model fits with your clients goals.

You can see our full post on the Name Your Price extension and the Subscription extension to learn more about each of these.

Or simply head over and check out the Name Your Price extension on WooCommerce.

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