Let Name Their Own Price on Your WooCommerce Store

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If you are doing a project and the idea of having customers name their price on the site comes up, here is a solution.

Name Your Price on WooCommerce

This is a standard approach for nonprofits soliciting donations. But it might be an interesting strategy for products your clients are selling. The Name Your Price extension gives your customers the opportunity to pay what they are willing to pay. Of course, you will be able to set a suggested price as well as a minimum amount, but it just might lead to some unexpected sales.

You could take it further and think of services and memberships as well.

Selling a Simple Product with the Name Your Price Option

If you choose to create a simple product, under the General tab, when setting your price by toggling the Name Your Price option, you get more specific settings.

Here you can add a suggested price, which you may want to consider. Leaving it blank keeps it from appearing. You can also add a minimum and maximum price, plus the option to hide the minimum price. (If you leave either of them blank, there are no restrictions on what the customer can enter.)

When we fill out all fields, here is how it displays:

If you have a maximum set, it won’t show anywhere until someone has tried to put in an amount that exceeds it.

Settings for a Variable Product

As you can see, you have similar settings for a variable product.

More Uses for the Name Your Price Extension

Beyond simple and variable products, this will also work with these product types:

  • Subscriptions
  • Product Bundles
  • Composite Products
  • Mix and Match Products
  • WooCommerce Account Funds

And if you are using the the Products Add-ons, One Page Checkout, PDF Product Vouchers or Product Vendors extensions, it works with them as well.

As you can see, the Name Your Price extension opens the doors for a new way to sell products and services on a WooCommerce site.

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