Create and Customize WooCommerce Product Bundles or Boxes

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Do you have clients who have products that they like to bundle together on their WooCommerce shop? Would they like to let customers create a custom bundle of their own?

Think of it this way. When you go to some candy stores, many of them let you pick and choose what to put in the box. There’s nothing worse than getting a few of those cherry chocolates scattered in your box when you cannot stand the taste of them, right?  Imagine giving customers the same options on your clients online store.

Or perhaps they sell tech items. And would like to give some options for some packaging.

That is where the Custom Product Boxes for WooCommerce plugin comes in.

Custom Product Boxes for WooCommerce Plugin

This plugin is filled with features that let your clients create pre-filled boxes and unlimited assorted boxes. They can even allow checkout of a box that is partially filled, as well as set fixed price—or calculate them dynamically.

They can also easily create a buy one, get one free or get 4 for the price of 3 offer. And as mentioned, customers can create their own custom boxes and bundles, or add or remove an option on an existing bundle. As you can see, the skies the limit on what this one can do for a clients site.

You will also have some general settings that you may want to tweak, especially around labels.

product bundles general settings

Creating the Custom Box Product

Once you have activated the plugin,  an option for a Custom Product Box will appear as a Product Data and here are the Custom Box Settings.

custom product box product data

The Pricing Type gives us three options, the first for a set price of a package that would be created. You can also offer the customer option to add or remove products, with or without a based price that you would charge.

pricing type for bundled products

The Box Items lets you set the the maximum number of products that can be added to any box. This is good if you want to have a limited number in a package, say six coffee samples, but still give them the chance to choose from 18 samples.

box items

The next three settings give you even more flexibility. It’s great that you can set a max of say, 8 items for a box, but still give the customer the option to only purchase 5 without having to fill it. New products can be automatically added to the top. And Gift Message is self-explanatory, while giving the customer an option to add a message.

next three options

Easily add what products you want to the box.

add on products

If your product is a variable product, you can easily add all associated variations.

And pre-fill the box with the products you want. It’s totally optional: make these mandatory or offer the customer the option to remove it if you don’t have that product in stock.

variations and pre-filled boxes

Once you have started to create your product bundles, you will be able to go into your customizer and what your view of your bundled product will look like.

customizer layout options for bundles

A Lot of Ways to Use This Plugin

To see the what bundled products look like, I would suggest you check out their site as they have some excellent examples that will give you a better idea of the frontend products.

I’ve just given you a couple of examples of ways to use this plugin, but as you can guess, there are no limits to the kind of bundles or packages you or your clients could create. They also have some features coming such as an additional 3 or 4 built-in layouts to choose from, an optional gift wrap feature that opens up a popup with the gift wraps you choose to show. Customers have the ability to select a category and then select products from it to fill the custom box.

This also works on mobile as well.

If you are looking at an easy way for customers to pick and choose their own bundles or boxes, I invite you to check out the Custom Product Boxes for WooCommerce Plugin.

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