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Composite Product, Gift Cards, Video Sales for Vimeo and Automated Testing

New products and services recently discovered in the Woo ecosystem.

WPDrift Composite Product

If you are looking for a way to sell product sets, such as custom bikes, vegetable boxes or pizzas, this plugin allows your customers to attach products to their cart from a shop or a single product page. Customers can then buy composite products on the shop page or on a single product page.

YITH Plugins Compatible with Elementor

YITH has moved to make a goal of having all their WooCommerce plugins compatible with Elementor, the popular page builder. This is a huge endeavor, and something you can also hear about on our latest podcast.

SomeWhereWarm Releases New Gift Cards Extension

This new extension on the WooCommerce marketplace gives store owners their customers a way to give and receive gift cards with fast and secure payments.

Valet.io Now Offering Automated Testing for WooCommerce

A new affordable service is being offered for WooCommerce stores. The basic test ensures your front-end is loading correctly and check out if firing. It also checks your contact form. Custom tests are also available.

Countdown & Notifier for WooCommerce

This new extension offers a countdown that can be added to your single product pages. It allows you to collect subscribers and send out email notification.

Video Sales for WooCommerce with Vimeo

A new, free plugin on WordPress.org allows you to connect your site and WooCommerce with your Vimeo account. You can restrict access to you videos on Vimeo by collecting payments on your site and using your Vimeo password to give customers access.

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