How to Fix Thumbnails When Changing a Theme on a WooCommerce Store

When you see a recent announcement of a WordPress plugin hitting over 5 million downloads, and it’s one that you have used over and over and over again, well, it catches you eye.

That is the case of the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. It’s been there for me and my past clients countless times. It’s simple to use and it works. So it seemed appropriate to revisit this plugin on our blog,  specifically for your product shots.

Make Sure Your Product Shots Don’t Freak Out When Changing Your WooCommerce Theme

This may have happened to you. You decide to change an online store’s WordPress theme. You do it carefully and all seems well. But then you see that your product thumbnails are more blurred than they were before. Or perhaps they are distorted.

Why does this happen to your product shots?

You see, every theme has a setting size specifically for images. That’s just the way it is. So when you change a theme, it gets confused and tries to force an already existing image size into its own dimensions. The results can range from slightly off to downright horrific.

Regenerate Those WooCommerce Product Images

Running the plugin Regenerate Thumbnails isn’t rocket science. It may take longer, depending how many images you have, but to install the plugin and go to Tools > Regen. Thumbnails

Then click the button (I would recommend you back up your site before doing this. Chances are nothing will go wrong, but just in case your theme is wonky).

regeneration thumbnails of products

The process will start.

start regeneration of thumbnails

Again, this will all depend on how many images you have. At the end it, will let you know if all images were successfully resized. From experience, I have had a few that haven’t been, especially on a large number of images, but that was never an issue for me. Of course if it was the case for most of your images, you would want to dive deeper into it.

regeneration of thumbnails finished

That’s it. The Regenerate Thumbnails plugin is one of those tools you just might need next time you change your WordPress theme, whether it’s your online store or something else.

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