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Do the Woo Podcast with Geoff Taylor Episode 80

WooGraphQL, Headless and APIs with Geoff Taylor

When you ask a developer on the show who is passionate about what they do, well, it literally takes a deep dive into the topic. This was the case when we invited Geoff Taylor, from XWP and developer of WooGraphQL.

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Do the Woo Podcast with Guest Greg Lisiewski from PayPal Episode 77

Buy Now, Pay Later with Greg Lisiewski from PayPal

We chat with Greg Lisiewski, VP and GM of Global Pay Later Products at PayPal about the industry, the benefits to consumer and merchants and the newest addition to the family at PayPal, Pay in 4. If you build sites, this is a no-brainer to educate and suggest to your clients.

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Do the Woo Podcast Allen Smith Episode 75

Advocating for Developers at WooCommerce with Allen Smith

Creating support, feedback channels and documentation for developers is a critical piece to the puzzle. Allen Smith has taken the role of Developer Advocate at WooCommerce with drive to bring the best to the fingertips of the dev community.

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Do the Woo Podcast with Jonathan Wold

Do the Woo Co-Host Jonathan Wold from WooCommerce Unplugged

This is the last of the series where I ask my co-hosts to put on the guest hat. Today I chat with Jonathan Wold. As with my other co-hosts, Jonathan brings an amazing background to our show with his experiences in WordPress, WooCommerce and the bigger eCommerce ecosystem.

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Do the Woo Podcast with Mendel Kurland Episode 73

Do the Woo Co-Host Mendel Kurland Unplugged

This is the second of three episodes where I ask my co-hosts to put on the guest hat. Today I chat with Mendel Kurland, who came on the show at the beginning of this year. It was the perfect opportunity to hear about the diverse background and talents that he brings to the Woo ecosystem.

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Do the Woo Podcast with Brad Williams Episode 72

Do the Woo Co-Host Brad Williams Unplugged

Today I chat with Brad Williams, who was my first co-host and has been on the show since May 2018. It’s a good time to learn more about how Brad does the Woo as well as some insights into WooCommerce and what he has learned from the builder community via the podcast.

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Do the Woo podcast with Brian Richards and Patrick Rauland Episode 71

A WooCommerce Journey to WooSesh with Brian Richards and Patrick Rauland

When you chat with two Woo builders who have been in the space for sometime, the journey is filled with twists and turn. Throw in 2020, virtual events and you get a conversation that delves even more into the opportunities, as builders, sellers and event coordinators, that are thrown your way.

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Do the Woo podcast with Gregory Karelitz Episode 70

A WooCommerce Journey from High School to HubSpot with Greg Karelitz

Greg built his first WooCommerce shop in high school, and it was wildly successful. From there, he went on to build more stores as well as help friends and family, in these current times, take their brick-and-mortar shop online. It led to his role at HubSpot as the Global Manager of WordPress partnerships which includes a deep integration into WooCommerce.

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