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CartPops, a WooCommerce Cart Page Alternative, is Released

CartPops, a WooCommerce Cart Page Alternative, is Released

CartPops is a WooCommerce Add To Cart Popup that helps every shop owner improve their user experience, increase conversions & maximize profits.

It replaces your cart with a fully responsive and mobile first optimized fly-out cart that works with any theme including an Elementor Integration.

In addition, it works with any WooCommerce “add to cart” button and these features:

  • Simple syntax to write your own message that tells a customer how much they’re removed from free shipping.
  • WooCommerce built-in GEO to automatically detect the visitors country.
  • Free shipping amount is automatically determined from the shipping zones in your WooCommerce settings.
  • Alternatively, a custom threshold can be set.

Lastly, the site touts that it provides a lot of features for developers which you can learn more about by visiting their site.

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