Make It Easy for Customers to Buy a Product Again on a WooCommerce Store

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Giving your client customers the ability to easily buy products over and over again may be an option you are looking for in that next project.

Allow a Buy Again Option on the Customer Account Page

With the Buy Again for WooCommerce extension, you are set.

Settings for the Extension

In your general settings you will be able to toggle it on or off and choose the order statuses you want it applied to.

You can also toggle on a previously purchased notice on the single product page with a customized message which makes it even more convenient.

In your advanced settings, you can choose the product, categories and user roles as well as add custom CSS.

You are also able to customize all these labels.

Buy Again Options in the Account Page

After you have it set up, customers will find a tab that is labeled Buy Again, with the options for them to either add to cart or buy now.

Message on the Product Page

If I go to any product page whereI have already purchased, there is a message. Of course, you would want to customize this, but it gives you the chance to come up with something clever if it fits.

Customer Records of Items Bought Again

If you want to keep on top of what products are being repurchased, the history can be viewed. This might give you an idea for rewarding your good customers on repeat purchases whether it’s a coupon or some other discount.

Whether you are using this as a convenience for your customers or, perhaps, a way of tracking products that are repeatedly bought, the Buy Again for WooCommerce extension might just be what you have been looking for.

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