How To Let Customers Add Multiple Variations to Their Carts with a Single Form in WooCommerce

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If your client sells to businesses and their customers order bulk from variations of a single product, giving them an easy form to use could keep them as customers. This is useful with a number of products, from clothing to tech. A simple form could save customers a lot of time on their store.

The extension Bulk Variation Forms gives you the ability to offer such an option.

Offering Easy Ordering of Bulk Product Variations

To begin with, you will need to have a product that is set up as a variable product and has at least two variations. The way this form works, you can only select two variations in the grid form so a product with just two works better.

On that product page, in the right sidebar, you will find these options. As you can see, I have chosen color and size for my two variations:

If we look at the product page, we now see the choice to choose a singular or bulk order. In the settings above, we could have toggled either of those off or on.

If we click on the Bulk Order Form, we are presented with this form, where we can order the number of different variations needed. In these two examples, you can see that as you fill in the numbers, the product will change and show the photo and price accordingly.

Large, red shirt

large red shirt ordered in bulk form

Small, blue shirt

small blue shirt in bulk form order

Now all they need to do is click add to cart, and they are added in one easy sweep.

As you can see, selling any variation in bulk using the extension Bulk Variation Forms will save customers quite a bit of time.

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