Do the Woo Podcast Update: Brad Williams Joins the Show as Official Co-host

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Well, as we go through the third metamorphosis of our WooCommerce podcast, it’s time to let you know that the lack of shows since March 5th came be directly blamed on my new co-host, Brad Williams.

Seriously. That sounded like a good excuse. And no, it’s not true.

But around that time I decided to take Do the Woo in yet another direction. We are bringing in a permanent co-host to help me ‘Do the Woo.’ I will be honest. It took me some time to think about how to move forward with this, but in the end, Brad seemed the perfect fit. I just needed him to say, okay.

Shortly after we chatted and firmed it up, which didn’t take that long, he got so excited that he shared this video on Twitter.

Needless to say, Brad did foresee a new theme song, but I am still wondering about the copyright thing.

How Will Bob and Brad Do the Woo?

We have decided to do it once every two weeks, live on YouTube. Of course you will be able to see and listen to it here as well. But it will be us just talking about Woo and related eCommerce stuff. Whatever we scrape up or even, what might dawn on us in the middle of the show. And if someone is brave enough, at times we might consider bringing on a guest.

In any case, it will be fun, informative and yes, hopefully, entertaining. I have already given Brad the permission to include any sound effects he may be inspired to share.

When Will This Earth-shattering Event Begin?

Our goal is the end of this month, after Brad returns from Scotland and I wrangle through a couple of days at the Digital Summit in Seattle. I’ll also share our tentative, planned day of the week, but let’s hold off on that for the moment.

So watch your favorite social channel for a heads up, and you can also find it on our site here, as well as your favorite place to listen to podcasts, such as iTunes.

Update 6-18-2018

We did our first show, but for several reasons we are taking a hiatus during the summer months. We will see you in the fall!

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