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A Look at the Bionic Butterfly: WooCommerce 3.0

A Look at the Bionic Butterfly: WooCommerce 3.0

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Earlier this week, WooCommerce 3.0 for WordPress was released. They skipped a couple from 2.7 and went straight to to the big three point oh. Now, like any updates, there is a lot under the hood that was improved, as well as several things that will only give devs a slight shiver of excitement. Here are three visibly new improvements.

Sitewide Notification: Dismiss!

There are times when sitewide notifications can come in handy. But, depending on where it lands on your theme, it can also be distracting—or hide things, sometimes even more so on mobile. For example, you can see how it neatly lies at the bottom of the page on the Storefront theme.

storewide notification previous version

But now,  in 3.0, you have the opportunity to dismiss it, or finally get rid of the little bugger.

storewide notice change with WooCommerce 3

Product Gallery

They have taken advantage of user feedback and, in my eye,  it’s much more user-friendly now.  Originally, you had something looking like this and when you clicked on a thumbnail it would open up the lightbox.

product gallery previous version

Now visitors have the option to zoom in directly in the view on the product page.

gallery updated in woocommerce 3

And if you watch this video, you will see how the larger image changes when the thumbnails are clicked vs. opening them up in a lightbox.

Merging of the Discount Types in Coupons

When you selected a coupon discount type before,  you were given these four options.

coupon date previous version

Now they have merged the cart and product percent discount, as stated on their post.

The discounts these coupons provide are identical, however, the cart-based validation would stop the coupon being applied if any non-eligble item was in the cart, rather than just discounting eligible items like product coupons do. This was not intuitive, caused store owner and confusion, and most important, just meant users would have to check out twice to make use of these coupons (thats not fair nor ideal).

So now you get this.

coupon data changed for woocommerce 3

Variable Products on Sale No Longer Have a Strikethrough

If you deal with variable products a lot, you will probably notice this small change. Previously, when you would have a sale, it would show the original price with the inevitable strikethrough.

variable price sale previous version

They found that if the prices overlapped, it was confusing to the customer, and as they note, longwinded. So, bye-bye, original price strikethrough.

variable pricing change with WooCommerce 3

And All the Other Stuff

As I said before, there’s more, but these are the things you will likely notice and that are much more visible to the eyes.

Other major changes have to do with the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) objects and data-stores, a new CLI (Command Line Interface), the Rest API v2, improved Logging System and a slew of performance improvements. There are other odds and ends as well. If you are interested in learning more about any of that other stuff, see the post over on WooCommerce.

Oh, and One More Thing

Before you hit that update button, I would recommend, as always, to move it over to a staging site and do some testing. Likely you have extensions, other plugins, whatever theme you are using and of course, maybe even some customizations. And the more you have, well, the more things can go sideways.

So back up your site.

And test, test test.

Once everything is behaving…

Then welcome the Bionic Butterfly into your fold.

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