Big News! Do the Woo Rebrand and New Design is Live.

That moment when it all comes together. I am excited to introduce you to the new look of Do the Woo.

A Bit Over 3 Months Ago

When the opportunity arose for me to give the brand and site a total makeover, I was ready to take the jump. The fact that I had never hired anyone to do any of our sites as far back at the late 90's, (or 2008 in the WordPress world) well this brought a new experience my way.

In fact, this Thursday on Do the Woo I'll be talking more about that with the help of Brad Williams my co-host, and our guest Christina Workman. There is a lot I could share here, but hoping to get deeper into it on that podcast.

Doing It For the Community

I have always been a stickler of tweaking my sites to best address the needs of my visitors. But in the past, as far as the brand, it was always BobWP. Simple. Black and white. Grays in the middle. This time around I needed to step outside my head and seek guidance in creating a site for the Woo Builder Community. That was front and foremost.

With a Big Help from My Friends.

Cutting to the chase, my final decision of who to hire led me to WebDevStudios and eventually to their small business division, Maintainn. It was an easy decision to make as I knew of their stellar reputation and Brad and I have built a strong friendship through co-hosting the podcast starting on Episode 5. (Also, he was my first guest on Episode 1). After 3 months of the project, and seeing the final results, I know I made the right decision.

I also need to thank the crew at WooCommerce for their input. And a final thank you to my friend Jonathan Wold, he has my back all the time.

So What is New with Do the Woo?

With a relaunch of this magnitude, one must also bring the next iteration to the community. Here are some of the highlights that come with the launch and what is happening over the next few months.

More Content Staring with the Podcast.

Currently I am slated for a show every Tuesday and Thursday (with a break at the end of December). This is the new schedule and will continue on in 2022. If you check out our About Page you will learn more about our show lineup.

There are two new shows scheduled to start in January.

First, WooDevChat. If you listen to this episode you will get a taste of what this deep dive geek-filled conversation will be taking place.

The second one is a split-topic episode. On one hand we will be covering some of the marketing aspects for Woo Builders, while on the other hand bring in guests that will focus more on the visionary part of both WooCommerce and WordPress.

Of course, you will learn more about these later on.

A New Podcast, Woo BizBytes

Yes, this is going to be a fun one and I hope to start it this month. Think of a podcast by Woo Builders for Woo Builders. A community driven podcast. And all about running a WooCommerce business. Also, think short insights and tips. Five to ten minutes. I guess I could call it a community podcast. Again, more coming on that soon.

Support by Our Friends of Do the Woo

We have added some new benefits when becoming a Friend of Do the Woo. Across the board they now get Woo Insights, a private podcast for their ears only. This is one of those things that took me awhile to decide upon, and I'll be sharing more on the thinking process soon.

Also, our Builder Friends are now $99 for lifetime, vs. $49 a year.

So make sure you check those out, as I said before, we have added some new benefits.

(Added note here. Listen to tomorrow's podcast for a deal on our lifetime builder friends)

But That's Not All, More to Come Friday

And now for the teaser. This coming Friday we will be announcing a huge partnership for Do the Woo. Trust me on this one, it will be a huge benefit for all. So stay tuned.

Well, as I roll out more details over the next fews day, I am anticipating that you will find even more value in the Do the Woo community. But for now, I would just like to thank all my listeners, readers and supporters. You are what makes Do the Woo.

Only the posts on the builder blog here may include affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase, I'll get a commission, at no cost to you.

Thanks to our Pod Friends for their support