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B2B & Wholesale Suite WooCommerce Extension

B2B & Wholesale Suite WooCommerce Extension

WebWizards recently released a new extension on the WooCommerce marketplace with over 100 features and integrating 20 separate plugin modules.

A Wholesale Solution for WooCommerce

This extension brings helps you with wholesale prices, discounts, taxes, order forms, quote requests, product visibility, business registration and content restriction for any business-oriented store.

With each customer you can create different prices, order rules and product catalogs.

The plugin has two dedicated shop options: B2B Shop, and mixed B2B & B2C Shop. 

Here are its main features.

  • Wholesale Prices and Discounts – Different Prices for Different Users
  • Tiered Pricing and Tiered Price Table
  • Hide Prices, Hide Shop, Force Login for Guest Users
  • Request a Quote with Customizable Forms
  • Product Visibility by Product, Category, User, and Group
  • Bulk Order Form for Rapid Wholesale Ordering
  • Business Registration and Custom Fields + Manual or Automatic Approval
  • Separate B2B and B2C Registration
  • Tax Exemptions and VAT Number Validation
  • Display prices including or excluding tax for B2B / B2C users differently
  • Rules System: custom taxes and fees, discounts, minimum order quantity and amount, quantity step, hidden prices, free shipping, and more!
  • Messaging System with Email Notifications
  • Multi-User Accounts with Permissions and Employee Accounts
  • Control Payment and Shipping Methods
  • Create and Manage Product Bundles
  • Shopping Lists (Requisition Lists) for Easy Re-orders
  • Product Details and Information Table
  • Content Control – different content for different users
  • New Payment Gateway: Pay via Invoice
  • Coupons Control – restrict coupons by role, B2B, or B2C
  • Import and Export Prices via CSV upload
  • Tools Panel with Bulk Product and User Tools

You can learn more about the extension over on the WooCommerce marketplace.

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