zorem creates Innovative WooCommerce plugins and SaaS products that help WooCommerce businesses to better manage their stores and automate their workflows. Their most popular plugins include Advanced Shipment Tracking (AST), Advanced Local Pickup, and Country Based Restrictions.

zorem is also behind TrackShip, a Multi-Carrier Shipment Tracking SaaS that seamlessly integrates into WooCommerce and works inside its ecosystem. TrackShip auto-tracks orders, automates the post-shipping orders flow and lets WooCommerce stores to provide “Amazon Style” post-purchase experience to their customers.

Advanced Shipment Tracking (AST)

Discover the powerful features to manage and automate the WooCommerce fulfillment workflow, reduce time spent on customer service and increase customer satisfaction.


TrackShip – auto-track your orders, automates your post-shipping workflow and allows you to provide a superior Post-Purchase experience to your customers.

Advanced Local Pickup

Advanced Local Pickup – extends the WooCommerce Local Pickup shipping method and creates a store pickup fulfillment workflow, you can set multiple locations, customize the emails and more.