Amplify Plugins

Amplify Plugins

Amplify Plugins pride themselves on creating WooCommerce plugins that help increase conversions, streamline the shopping experience, and make it easier for customers to find your products.

They make it a priority to provide top notch customer support. You can rest easy knowing that their support staff will make sure you are completely satisfied with the choice you make to use our plugins.

Quick Checkout for WooCommerce

Quick Checkout is the fastest one page checkout plugin for WooCommerce. It is the Amazon “Buy Now” button for WooCommerce. Use it to create custom landing pages, or to simply add a “buy now” option to your shop and product pages.

Conditional Checkout Fields

Conditional Checkout Fields – The best way to collect additional information from customers. The customer is prompted to provide this information right at checkout, saving you time and hassle.


WP1099 – Produces a clean, easy to read export file that can be used to prepare 1099’s for vendors and affiliates. A report which none of the affiliate or vendor plugins produces on their own.