Robert Jacobi

Robert Jacobi

Robert Jacobi ran 3.5% of the internet. With 20 years experience as an open source executive (President Joomla), entrepreneur, and evangelist, Robert works with small to Fortune 500 companies as a Global Strategist and Solution Ambassador to increase revenue and market awareness.

Robert is an international speaker to open source, hosting, and infrastructure communities. If you need to be at an event, maybe the Ambassador Program is for you. Always Be There!

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All the latest news, links, and insights on Open Source, WordPress, WooCommerce, Software-as-a-Service, and Hosting. Robert brings you a unique perspective to the tools, companies, and people that are the bedrock of the internet.

Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program – Get engaged directly with the customers and communities that help your business grow through consistent in-person outreach, brand/solution/product outreach at virtual events and social media engagement.


Sponsor – You can be a weekly sponsor (Friday – Thursday) at You get listed on every page, every RSS post, with social media shoutouts.