An Update on Brexit in WooCommerce Core

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An Update on Brexit in WooCommerce Core

Since the beginning of the month I have watched several frustrated WooCommerce store owners on Twitter question why WooCommerce wasn’t Brexit ready the first of the month.

Still Many Unknowns

Previously, in December, I had Allen Smith, Developer Advocate from WooCommerce on a podcast to talk about what was coming in 2021. He did mention Brexit, which is also part of this post from him.

We are working hard to prep WooCommerce core for the end of the Brexit transition period, which is happening January 1st of 2021. It’s a very complex overlap of economic, political and geographic domains, but we’re working hard to make sure that WooCommerce core can continue to support merchants and developers who are doing business in and around the UK.

Allen Smith, Developer Advocate at WooCommerce

In the most recent post on the WooCommerce developer blog, it started out with this.

While there are still many unknowns for eCommerce merchants as they pass across the January 01, 2021 Brexit transition deadline, the WooCommerce Core team is taking steps to ensure the platform continues to provide functionality that accurately reflects the concurrent changes to economic, geographic, and political classifications in and around the UK.

Developer Blog on WooCommerce

The post touches on what has happened so far, what is happening right now and what action do you need to take? The latter with the added comment, it depends.

If you want more details, I recommend you check out the post on WooCommerce.