An Ideal WooCommerce Client is Different for Every Agency, Sometimes

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In a BizChat podcast we had with Lisa Sabin-Wilson from WebDevStudios and David Lockie from Angry Creative, they were asked what their favorite type of client is.

Lisa first replied.

The ones with big budgets who pay on time.

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Of course, all agencies like those clients, but both Lisa and David did share much more. In fact it shows that there are likely some characteristics that are, across the board, Ideal and at the same time each agency, or even each individual, has their own perception.

The Engaged Client

The first one is that the client is engaged with their project and their product. But they’re engaged in the project enough to work together with us to help us meet their goals. I don’t like the client who comes and says, “Here’s all the things that I need. Goodbye, I’ll talk to you in a month, get it done.” I really love that client who’s collaborative, who’s working together with us, who’s approving things as we go. ~ Lisa

The Realistic Client

Then there is the realistic client, who has an understanding especially in the area of eCommerce. They really need to have a realistic view of their reach and ability to meet the goals that they’ve set, whether that’s inventory management or the costs associated with running eCommerce.

It’s not all just about making money. With an eCommerce store you’re paying for shipping in some cases. You’re paying for different services in order to sell your product online. I mean, just outside of WooCommerce, if you decide to sell on Shopify, for example, you’ve got fees associated with that. A client who has done their homework, who understands the landscape and is realistic and open to having conversations that are based in reality, not conversations that would be best on it like a marketing handbook or something. ~Lisa

The Impactful Client

The clients for whom we can make a really significant difference. I really enjoy working with those where you know that what you do really matters. It’s not just a mega corp and profits will be one percent up or down, depending on how well the project goes, but it’s a really important, impactful project for them. And then also, the other side of that, that the project that you’re helping them to achieve is important in some way. So it might not be up your street personally, but it might be you can see that they’re passionate about and it’s a real thing. It’s not just like I want to make some money doing something. It’s like I really care about this and I’m in it. ~ David

The Inspiring, Brave and Knowledgeable Client

I also really like when clients teach you. I think we can be the experts in WooCommerce, WordPress and related technologies, but I really like clients that are smarter than us in lots of other ways because I just find them really inspired to work with. And I think one of the things that I’ve definitely learned is that being humble just because somebody’s never done any eCommerce project before doesn’t mean that they’re not an extremely inspiring, brave, knowledgeable, wise business person in so many other ways. So those are the people that really float my boat. ~ David

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