How to Redirect Customers To a Thank You Page With WooCommerce

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This may be a simple request from a client. And yes, it takes a simple plugin to do it for you and for your clients future needs.

The WooCommerce Redirect Thank You plugin is so simple to set up.

After installing the WooCommerce Redirect Thank You plugin you will want to create your thank you pages. You may want to create both a general thank you page that you can use globally, or of course you can create one specifically for any product.

This gives an opportunity to cross-sell, up-sell, offer a discount or a special coupon, and of course, a customized thank you. As you can see here, I have added a thank you as well as an up-sell with a coupon offer, using a WooCommerce block.

Global Thank You Page

Now go into your WooCommerce > Settings and you will find the tab Thank You where you can set your global thank you page.

First you will find the option to choose either a specific page you have created, or send it to a specific URL. If you want, you can add any scripts.

You can also redirect these pages based on the payment gateway they chose.

Or if you prefer, you can add a special thank you to the completed email order. You can create as many of these as you want based on specific products or categories.

Here I have created one for the product and thank you page I set up.

There are some shortcodes you can use as well. For example, you might choose to add the order details on the thank you page by using the shortcode.

Custom Thank-you Pages

Obviously from the sample thank you page that I created, I wanted it for a specific product vs. a global thanks. When I am in the product page, I can now choose a custom URL or a page as my custom thank you redirect.

And here is the final page.

Once the order has been completed, the customer will receive the final email that will include the additional notes that I showed you previously.

Get Creative with Your Thank You Page

The fact that you can create this page on a site, allows you to get very creative. And if you use a page builder, without making it overwhelming, you will have control of exactly how you want that thank you page to look.

Imagine creating a thank you video that comes from the store owner talking about their own experience with the product.

So there you have it, and as I said, it can’t get much simpler. Get the WooCommerce Redirect Thank You Plugin.

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